Ran at Bristol. Image from the Cameras In Action site, first shot I have seen of the car, other at the site(2-1-2001), #02 Alltel Ford – side The car and driver, Brad Baker(2-6-2001), #28 Vanderbilt University Commodores Chevy – layout At Michigan, Shawna’s Cup debut. From the Winston Cup Preview, taken by Dave and Matt from Huntington, WV(1-7-2000), #33 Oakwood Homes/Charlies Daniels Chevy – nose The scheme Labonte will run in 2001(11-25-2000), #6 Pfizer – overhead Sent in by Don Melford, who draws my Jayski cars. Supposed to be run in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona in July. Thanks to Bryan Hallman of Hallman’s Hall of Race Images site for the image(4-28-2001), #19 Dodge – front/side From an Auto Show, thanks to Shawn Smith(3-23-2001), #18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac Pages: [1] 2 3... 5 #1 UNeedAPart Chevy . var regex = new RegExp( regexS ); Thanks Mike(11-15-2000), #24 DuPont Chevy – side Many readers sent this in(4-24-2001), #24 Pepsi/DuPont Chevy – front/side Thanks to Justin for the image found on eBay(8-3-2001), #20 Home Depot/Jurassic Park III Pontiac – diecast #10 Valvoline Pontiac – front 2001 Busch Series Paint Scheme Gallery Last Updated 11-5-2002 #00 Gasoline Alley – side The car Tim Fedawa ran at Michigan. #7 Kleenex Chevy – rear/side Image from the Cameras In Action site(2-6-2001). Ran at California(and will run another 6 races) with Jeff Green. Wallace’s new yearlong sponsor, starting at the Coca-Cola 600. Thanks to Will LaFollette(1-16-2002), #15 NAPA Special Scheme Chevy – diecast All white and red lettes, like the #16 was last year in Daytona. Getting loaded on the trailer, can see the sides, supposed to run at Martinsville. #66 Bluelight Ford – rear The car Christian Elder will drive in about 15 BGN races for Akins Motorsports. #43 Quality Farm and Country Stores Chevy – rear #10 Valvoline Pontiac – side 2 Prescott ran at Watkins Glen. The #5 will supposedly have the special Chromalusion paint. Changes to a Ford and a new driver: Shane Hall with Lance Snacks as the sponsor. Thanks to Will LaFollette(1-16-2002), #71 Realtree Chevy – side/top Thanks to Dave Brainard of Brainard Photography for the images(10-6-2001), #36 M&M’s Halloween Pontiac – left side Thanks to Steve Richards of PRN for the images(7-6-2001), #31 Lowes/Yosemite Sam Chevy – diecast Thanks to Darrell Harman for the image(3-31-2001), #10 Nestles Ford #24 DuPont/Bugs Bunny Chevy – side The more details you can give, the more likely we can […] Ran at Michigan in Aug. #66 Bluelight Ford – front #19 Dodge Intrepid – right side shot on the platform Thanks to Darrell Harman for the image(3-31-2001), #1 Yellow Freight Chevy – layout From Paul of the Fans of Petty Enterprises Site(1-7-2001), #27 Dukes Mayo Pontiac – side #29 AOL/GM Goodwrench – rear From a Roush Racing PR(1-19-2001), #18 Intersated Batteries/Circuit City Pontiac – front From the Winston Cup Preview, taken by Dave and Matt from Huntington, WV(1-7-2000), #2 Miller Lite Ford – nose Thanks to Joe Secka for the image(8-13-2001), #84 Tropicana Ford – side The DeeZee scheme is to run at the Winston Open and Coca Cola 600, not sure about the WMHinc Homes scheme. Taken by a Rick Mast Fan, thanks(5-1-2001), #30 AOL Chevy – side #10 Valvoline Fan Scheme Pontiac – side The car Robby Gordon ran at Watkins Glen. From the Team Caliber Site buy it at Diecast Depot, do a search using ‘Christmas’. Just thought it was neat. This scheme didn’t run in the race as they decaled it into the Cheerios colors. From TachZone who took the images at the 2001 Winston Cup Preview(1-7-2000), #7 Nations Rent Ford – rear Thanks to Rockwell for the image(8-29-2001), #23 Jani King Pontiac – side Jayski.com is part of the NASCAR Digital Media Network, #01 Cingular/Special Olympics Dodge – side/front/nose, #01 Cingular/Special Olympics Dodge – layout, #09 Miccosukee Indian Gaming Ford – on the track/rear/side, #1 Pennzoil/Sylvester and Tweety Chevy – nose, #1 Pennzoil/Sylvester and Tweety Chevy – diecast, #2 Miller Lite/Harley Davidson Ford – nose, #2 Miller Lite/Harley Davidson Ford – side, #2 Miller Lite/Harley Davidson Ford – drawing, #5 Monsters Inc/Kelloggs Chevy – front/side, #5 Kelloggs/Mini Wheats Chevy – rear/side, #5 Kelloggs/Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner Chevy – nose, #5 Kelloggs/Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner Chevy – rear, #5 Kelloggs/Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner Chevy – diecast, #5 Frosted Flakes/Tony the Tiger – front/side, #5 Kelloggs/Tony the Tiger Chevy – front/side, #7 Omniquip/Nations Rent Ford – front/side, #8 MLB/All-Star/Budweiser Chevy – diecast, #9 Dodge ‘Grab Life by the Horns’ – front, #9 Dodge ‘Grab Life by the Horns’ – side/drawing, #9 Dodge/Muhammed Ali Dodge – diecast/side, #10 Valvoline Fan Contest Pontiac – layout, #11 Ralphs Supermarkets/RedCell Ford – rear/side, #11 Ralphs Supermarkets/RedCell Ford – side/top, #11 Ralphs Supermarkets Ford – Side/Front, #11 Ralphs Supermarkets Ford – Full Layout, #12 Mobil One/Vega/Sony Ford – side/front, #13 VA Lotto/Amercia’s Most Wanted Chevy – TV Panel, #17 DeWalt – Rookie of the Year Ford – nose, #17 DeWalt – Rookie of the Year Ford – side, #18 Intersated Batteries/Circuit City Pontiac – front, #18 Intersated Batteries/Circuit City Pontiac – nose, #18 Intersated Batteries/Cal Ripken Jr Pontiac – diecast, #18 Intersated Batteries/Coca Cola Bears Pontiac – nose, #18 Intersated Batteries/Coca Cola Bears Pontiac – side, #18 Intersated Batteries/Coca Cola Bears Pontiac – diecast, #18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac – rear/side, #18 Interstate Batteries/Jurassic Park III Pontiac – diecast, #19 Dodge ‘Grab Life by the Horns’ – front, #19 Dodge ‘Grab Life by the Horns’ – side, #19 Dodge Intrepid – right side shot on the platform, #19 Dodge Intrpid – left side on platform, #20 Home Depot/Coca Cola Bears Pontiac – side, #20 Home Depot/Coca Cola Bears Pontiac – diecast, #20 Home Depot/Coca Cola Bears Pontiac – hood, #20 Home Depot/Jurassic Park III Pontiac – diecast, #21 US Air Force/Motorcraft Ford – side/front/top, #24 DuPont/Bugs Bunny Chevy – real/side-front, #24 Jeff Gordon Foundation Chevy – diecast, #25 Delphi Automotive/UAW Chevy – front/side, #25 Delphi Automotive/UAW Chevy – Left Side, #25 Delphi Automotive/UAW Chevy – Right Side, #25 Delphi Automotive/UAW Chevy – Hood/Front, #27 Sauer’s/Dukes Mayo Pontiac – side/vid still, #27 Food City/Rayovac Pontiac – right rear, #27 Food City/Rayovac Pontiac – right side, #27 Food City Pontiac – front/side via video, #28 Texaco/Need for Speed Ford – nose/front, #28 Texaco/Need For Speed Ford – Rear/Side, #29 GM Goodwrench/Make a Wish Chevy – diecast, #29 GM Goodwrench/Tasmanian Devil Chevy – nose, #29 GM Goodwrench/Tasmanian Devil Chevy – side, #29 GM Goodwrench/Tasmanian Devil Chevy – diecast, #31 Lowes/Power of Pride Chevy – side/rear, #31 Lowes/Top Choice Lumber Chevy – side/top, #31 Lowes/Top Choice Lumber Chevy – video still, #32 Tide/Give Kids the World Ford – top/side, #33 Oakwood Homes/Charlies Daniels Chevy – nose, #33 Oakwood Homes/Charlies Daniels Chevy – side/rear, #33 Oakwood Homes/Schult/Get Well Joe Chevy – side, #33 Oakwood Homes/Schult Chevy – video still, Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates Site, #40 Coors Light/Brooks and Dunn Dodge – hood, #40 Coors Light/John Wayne Dodge – side/front, #40 Coors Light/Brooks and Dunn Dodge – video still, #40 Coors Light/Brooks and Dunn Dodge – side, #43 Honey Nut Cheerios Dodge – layout side and top, #43 Honey Nut Cheerios Dodge – front/nose, #43 Hamburger Helper Dodge – Side and Top Layout, #44 Four Generations – hood and Lyle, Richard and Buckshot, #44 Georgia Pacific/Hot Wheels Dodge – decklid, #45 Adam Tribute/Sprint Dodge – side/front, #45 Kyle Petty Charitiy Ride/Sprint Dodge – front, #55 Square-D/Marvin the Martin Chevy – nose, #55 Square-D/Marvin the Martin Chevy – diecast, #66 Kmart Bluelight Special Ford – front/nose, #77 Jasper Engines/Gen John Jumper Ford – hood, #77 Jasper Engines/Hot Jobs Ford – hood via video, #85 Motorsports Design/Noopco Dodge -side, #85 Labor Solutions Ford – rear and hood up, #88 UPS Ford/Race the Truck/Flames – rear/side, #88 UPS Ford/Race the Truck/Flames – front/side, #96 McDonald’s Drive Thru Ford – front/side, #97 Sharpie/Rubbermaid Ford – side/front with Busch. From the Winston Cup Preview, taken by Dave and Matt from Huntington, WV(1-7-2000). Ran at Bristol in a one race deal. } The car Martin ran in the Budwesier Shootout.

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