The coordinator rod also serves to firmly anchor the neck to the rim, making a stable unit. - See more at: You can measure the 7th fret gap with a feeler gauge or a banjo string. Sign Up To Receive Playings Tips and More! Little things like the kind of keys, the peghead shape, the wood the neck and fingerboard are made from affect tone. The strings and guage also affect the sound of a banjo … Regarding a neck with a hidden truss rod nut at the heal - try taking the banjo apart - release the truss rod tension - then tighten the nut only so much, that the neck will be completely straight. While holding down the 3rd @ 22look at the 7th fret. The neck attaches to the rim through oblong holes in the steel rim so you can push/pull the neck up/down. For simplicity’s sake, I will tell you what you need to use for our Goodtime and Deering banjos. Deering Banjo Company Re-tighten the coordinator rod to the neck’s hanger bolt by: THE BOSTON BANJO—SPECIAL ADJUSTMENT PROCESS:This model Deering has a different neck adjustment. Remember to snug down the nut again when you are done. The truss rod changes the relief on the banjo’s neck, not the neck angle itself. To achieve perfection on a banjo is about impossible! Quick View. There are different ways to reinforce a banjo neck. THE TRUSS ROD TEST:This is the test you use to determine if you need to adjust the “relief” of your banjo neck.Tools: clip on capo, credit card/2 business cards for the 1/64” gauge1. I use 1/8″ thick by 1/2″ wide hot rolled steel bar stock to reinforce my … Make sure all the nuts are snug when done. Did you know that a banjo neck is not actually straight? If you feel some adjustment is necessary, have an experienced repairman do it.”  A WORD TO THE WISE FROM GREG DEERING. Over adjusting can cause the neck to warp. Using the ½” open end wrench, turn the nuts by the tailpiece side of the rim to adjust the action while holding the rod still. A banjo neck can become loose if you forget to put the nail/Allen wrench in the hole of the coordinator rod when adjusting the action. It is possible for the extension nuts to work their way loose in time on a Boston Banjo. It could also cause it to break if you are not careful. Measure it at the 7th or 8th fret--near the center of the neck. A 3 piece neck blank with a channel cut for reinforcement. Hammer-ons and pull offs are clearer with higher action.The coordinator rod on the inside of the pot/rim of the banjo is used to adjust the action of the banjo neck. Vintage banjos on the other hand have head sizes that are all over the map. Turn the nuts only 1/4 turn at a time and check the action. Using the small nail or Allen wrench, hold the lower rod (the one furthest away from the banjo head; Goodtime banjos only have one rod) still by passing the nail through the hole in the coordinator rod. File it away for future reference and let me know what you think when you have the time to write. Neck Templates Steel. The fingerboard must sit, at minimum, slightly above the level of the tension hoop and head. Adam, Everything on a dang banjo affects action and sound! After the rods are again tight, you may need to re-set the action. If you don’t have enough clearance, you need to loosen the nut. “Relief” refers to a very slight, intentional up-bow that lifts the strings a little higher than they’d be on a perfectly straight neck. Tighten the coordinator rod as suggested above using the nail to rotate the rod. Using a clip on capo, attach the capo at the first fret.2. A clip on capo of any kind. If you are building a traditional style banjo, or you’re replacing a neck, this is a wonderful and inexpensive option to get your banjo back on the road to great music. You might have to loosen the upper rod nut (closer to the head) to make the adjustments easier. TO CHAMPION THE BANJO AND INSPIRE FREEDOM OF CREATIVITY AROUND These are oftentimes the most stress producing adjustments for any banjo player, beginner or seasoned! At Deering we set the action at 1/8” at the 22nd fret; any lower and you might get buzzing/vibrating of the string against the fret as you play. S1.731 - 1955 D'Angelico New Yorker. They can be fun, they ARE effective, and, remember our motto “YOU CAN DO IT!” Adjust my truss rod? He will take care not to make them to short so that if the neck swells again, you don’t run into any new issues with them.

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