Others are removable and replaceable. If this space measures more than .020”, the truss rod should be tightened in 1/4 turn increments until the space measures within this range. Available as single detuners or as a set with tuning keys and a detuner for the lowest string. Used by Martin, Epiphone, Ibanez, Squier, ESP and Godin. Further enhance the tone shaping capabilities on your bass. They may break off inside your truss rod nut and cause a new problem for you. Another lesson: Never turn a wrench that doesn't fit very tightly. If the wrench doesn't fit tightly, don't turn it. Great for thinner necks that need a shallow truss rod depth. Of course, it was totally stripped. Easy to install in guitars, banjos and basses! They make the Gripper wrench in common truss rod nut sizes. I suggest adding a little dab of grease (wheel bearing or lithium grease) with a toothpick to the truss rod and on the threads inside the new nut. The truss rod is a tension rod that runs inside the neck of your bass. Beware of cheap ones. If your truss rod nut is welded on it might be more trouble. Order it before Noon (Eastern Standard Time) and we'll ship it out today, otherwise we'll ship it the very next business day. Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at sales@bestbassgear.com or chatting with our Bass Techs, Best Bass Gear 5 Bragdon Lane, Unit 5 A more common truss rod problem is a stripped truss rod nut. Best Bass Gear carries a large assortment of pickups for many different basses with multiple string configurations to choose from. Bass Guitar Bass side Treble side Vintage style 8/64" 6/64" American/Mexican Std. This may happen all at once, or gradually strip the nut over time. Don't buy cheap tools which can lead to expensive repairs for you later. That's a very tricky and expensive repair. You might have to ask the manufacturer, or you might just need to take it to a guitar repair person. These are in our warehouse. Detuners provide a unique way to drop tune your bass guitar from a single step up to two full steps with the convenience of only a flick of a lever! These strong, 2-way adjustable rods correct both upbow and backbow. Take it to a pro who has all of the good tools. We will discuss tools more later in this article. What most people end up doing is just replacing their entire neck. When the truss rod is loose, you'll see that it's straight. Let me show you against a straight edge, how the truss rod works. One reason a truss rod nut will strip is from applying too much turning force with the hex key. The first important lesson is be gentle when you adjust your truss rod. Think of a bow and arrow. If the truss rod net requires a hex wrench, stripping it means that the six flat sides of the hex-shaped hole have been rounded off and the Allen wrench can't grab anything to turn the truss rod nut. Best Bass Gear is proud to stock tuning keys from Hipshot & Gotoh. More Info › ... Truss Rods for Bass Guitars. You never know. It is a tapered hex key. A preamp can offer further tone shaping of two bands of equalization with treble and bass, three bands of equalization with treble, bass and midrange, or even four bands to offer further tonal expansion. Sometimes a new neck won't make sense financially and it's the end of the bass. Truss rod nuts turn like common nuts. Make sure they turn--especially the truss rod nut. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. Verify the right size wrench to use. It may strip the nut. $20.00. If it's not too badly stripped, sometimes a quality wrench will grab it enough to turn it and remove it. This is what I used in the video. Use quality tools. Bass Truss Rod. 6/64" 5/64" It's often a hex key or Allen wrench as they're called. In this video I teach you a several important lessons about your bass truss rod. Order it before Noon (Eastern Standard Time) and we'll ship it out today, otherwise we'll ship it the very next business day.

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