Fre­drik Jonsson. I’ll test … The Behringer C-2 usually will come in a matched pair and include a hard case, wind screens, and a stereo mount. However, there are anecdotal reports that the C-4 has lower self-noise than the C-2.Noise aside, there are three key differences. behringer c2 test; behringer c2 test. Daniel Len­gies. Behringer C-2 mic test. Equip­ment: Das Mic - Behringer C2 Stereo-Set. Behringer C-2 Condenser Microphone. Youtube. Cam­i­lo­Gra­ba­ciones. I believe that it does, but still not sure unless I test it with an analyzer. The C-4 is 3 dB more sensitive than the C-2… Ease of Use. Youtube. Recording A Complete Drum Kit – Overheads, Active Speakers For Home … October 8, 2020. The Behringer C-2 mics are perfect for stereo recording of a piano recital, choir performance, or any acoustic sound source. Show all. Record in stereo with a matched pair of Behringer C-2 pencil microphones. Annoyingly, Behringer have failed to publish the noise characteristics [] of the C-4, so we can’t make a judgement on that. Behringer C2 … Watch the video to see. These small-diaphragm condensers include low-cut and -10 dB pad switches. Youtube. If it doesn't work, you forgot to turn on the phantom … Behringer c2 Gra­ba­cion en estereo / Cam­i­lo­Gra­ba­ciones. Show all. Small diaphragm condenser microphones are technically more accurate than large diaphragm mics, but does that make them better for your close voice work? Small-diaphragm condenser mics are ideal for capturing the quick transients … Show all. Behringer C-2 Condenser Microphone. Plug and play. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately.

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