It being all pocket sprung makes it very firm and the 5-year guarantee will have you sleeping for many nights to come. Whatever makes you comfortable. There are various firmness levels available for this mattress but you’ll obviously want to choose the Firm option. But a lot of orthopaedic mattresses, which are designed to help a bad back, are also firm. It’s naturally designed to soften and mould around you so will never give you the truly firm feel you’ve been looking for. Many Thanks. More on side sleeper mattresses. A nice traditional feel of extra firm mattress made in the UK to the highest quality. And you have the whole mattress to use because of its edge-to-edge support which allows you to sleep right up to the side of the bed and still be comfortable. This is the firmest mattress you can buy, it’s got the traditional open spring technology inside to keep you in place and it’s 25cm deep so you certainly don’t feel the bed frame underneath. All-round one of the Best Medium-Firm Mattresses“>best medium firm mattress you can buy. 1 Month The result is a memory foam mattress that’s much cooler than most others, and while foam tends to have a lot of different firmnesses this one is a nice firm feel keeping you supported and your back happy. The cotton also works with air vents in the side to provide greater airflow and allow your body temperature to stay steady preventing overheating or night sweats. Glad you’ve got a couple you like. 26 cm deep is nice and big so it’s great for any body type even if you’re heavier you can still get some great support and feel the firmness of the mattress. Rest Assured are actually a sub-brand of the mattress company we all know and love, Silentnight! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Below is a quick summary of the Best Orthopaedic Mattresses in the UK (Important Considerations in Conclusion). The handtufts are in place to improve durability of the mattress, providing you with plenty of support night after night for years to come which is reflected in the 5-year guarantee you get from the mattress. Overall, this is a great mattress if you have back problems and are looking for the best firm mattress to sort it out. I picked the top five mattress brands of medium firm support that offer the best night’s sleep. If you have any questions about a firm mattress then ask them below in the comments. The highest firmness level you can get but sometimes hard to find, so here are a selection of the best extra firm mattresses here in the UK. Not really, some people swear by sleeping on the floor with just a thin mat underneath them and they get on fine. Whether you’re looking to sort out a bad back or you just can’t sleep on the soft bed you’ve got now we’ve got you covered. Lastly, it comes with a whopping 8-year guarantee! Best Medium-Firm Mattress – Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress, 3. REM-Fit 500 Ortho Mattress | This is more of a specialised firm mattress that ranks very high on our Best Mattress for Back Pain and Best Orthopaedic mattresses. Again this is a no-flip mattress you just have to turn it periodically. REM-Fit 600 Lux Mattress | As its name suggests this is their premium mattress made for those with a few extra quid to spare. But for your needs, it might get too firm, but unless you have a pre-existing condition that will get agrevated you’ll likely get on fine. Just because the mattress is firm doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable! However, this never affects our views - if we like it, we recommend it. Or you can check out the other article I have on mattresses for a bad back. Pocket sprung mattresses are the most comfortable, each spring is sewn into its own pocket so they can move independent of each other, that way it sinks where it needs to giving you maximum support and a superbly comfortable bed. Similar to putting a memory foam mattress topper on top. Hi! Side Sleepers – Now side sleepers are a little more tricky, a firm mattress can be too much for side sleepers and cause some pain in the shoulder, you’d be better off with a medium-firm mattress for that little bit more sink for your shoulders. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. If you have back problems talk to your doctor but if you have and they recommended a firm mattress then I hope this guide helped. Normally I’m a huge fan of memory foam, it’s super comfortable and offers great back support. Latex is an excellent choice of filling for a mattress. Especially because of the regular foam comfort layer you get at the top of this mattress. Top 5 Best medium Firm Mattresses UK I t can be hard to find the best mattress for a good night's sleep. the other article I have on mattresses for a bad back. I’m happy to put a layer of egg-box foam on top for a bit of softness under hips etc when sleeping, this has worked well for me in the past. Dormeo Octaspring mattress review. Latex is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a firm mattress to help with back problems, plus it’s eco-friendly because the latex is harvested from rubber trees which get replanted after. It’s my number 1 sleep tip that helps your eyes relax and helps you fall asleep. Our Firm Mattresses For Sale Best Extra Firm Mattress – Happy Beds Supreme Ortho Spring Reflex Foam Orthopaedic Extra Firm Mattress, 5. ... UK single, UK … Silk and wool work together nicely to provide a cushioned feel while retaining the firmer feel of the mattress. And you get free 24-hour delivery to have you sleeping on your new mattress in no time at all. Firm mattresses are good for most type of sleepers, but let’s break it down by which side you sleep on so you can find out what will be best for you. I’ve got more mattress recommendations for stomach sleepers here but in general, you’ll get on great with a firmer mattress. Back Sleepers – Good news is you’ll also do absolutely great on a firmer mattress, your back gets kept nice and straight while sinking in just enough to be really comfortable. A great choice for couples because memory foam gives you motion isolation that stops you feeling your partners movements allowing you to sleep deeper for longer and wake up more rested. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Anyway, I’m not sure if I can help with a mattress that firm, it’s very specialist so if you’ve gone into a bed outlet and they’ve shown you their firmest mattresses and they weren’t right I’m not sure I’d know of anything firmer. Getting the right material in your mattress is a great place to start, it’s the foundation of the mattress and the base of your sleep. Yes and no, there is no scientific studies that have shown a firm mattress is better for your back. which uses pocket springs and foam rather than just using springs which is the more traditional way of making a mattress. You should definitely read in bed! Entirely the opposite! It’s also easily one of the best value mattresses with a 10-year guarantee and a 365-night trial so you can take it home and really test it out. At £519 for a single compared to £299 for the Original, it’s more of an investment, for sure, so we were keen to see what it … Which is just what you want if you have a bad back! But there are a few different types to choose from and it can get a bit confusing so let’s take a look at the differences between the materials. But the problem is, memory foam isn’t firm! The 27 cm depth is quite deep but it’s what’s necessary to keep the mattress firm. This is a great mattress is you have lower back pain, the 2000 pocket springs make it ideal for giving your back the support it needs in every sleeping position. Sizes: Single, small double, double, king size and super king size. Open-coil springs are a big grid of springs, they aren’t as comfortable as their pocket spring counterparts but they have the advantage of being much cheaper. The Relyon Hybrid is an excellent choice of firm mattress, the memory foam layer is only 5cm thick so it is more like a mattress topper keeping the whole thing firm and comfortable.

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