Here’s a raw recording of the KM184s as drum overheads: The KM184s are industry standard microphones and have been used on … Best Overhead Drum Mics & Best Brands for Overhead Drum Mic In spite of the fact that a set of drums can make rather loud sounds, having a mic in the right place is required in certain situations. Find out the best overhead drum mics with our comprehensive buyer's guide. Neumann makes expensive microphones. It is tailor-made for bass drums of all sizes and sits snugly in the base of the drum. Overheads have a significant impact on the overall tone of your recordings. The best type of mic for recording the drum room is a condenser. These 13 best kick drum mics that will change your 2020 and beyond! It's very important that you have a good drum microphone, your bass drum plays an important role in your overall sound. It’s a rectangular shape with an angular grille on the face. For the price, these are the best sounding drum overhead mics and will give you the highest quality drum recordings. There is no right or wrong. Check Current Prices AKG Pro Audio C214. Use what sounds best to your ears. The 5 Best Bass Drum Microphones [Reviews 2020] Posted in Recording & Audio Equipment | Last Updated on May 1, 2020. These microphones are also used by professionals as a workhorse for tours, festivals, and frequent recording sessions. Drum kits are loud and noisy and not the easiest of instruments to set up with microphones for recording. While every mic will not work for everyone, there is certainly one special one for you in this list. Overhead microphones are used to record the cymbals and the whole drum set. Let’s look at which mic is recommended for each drum sound. We hope that these microphones will help you take a step forward and appreciate your musical sound even more. For the price you may not receive the fantastic value of the AKG Session drum mic kit, or Shure PGA 7 drum mic kit, both of which containing 7 microphones. It has a unique and unusual design which makes it look nothing like a typical microphone. Overhead drum mics are essential for recording and monitoring a live performance. This Shure Beta 91A is one of the best drum mics, for both recording and live sound, when dealing with bass drums. Now, choosing the best mics when it comes to drum recording is very subjective. In our opinion the C414 XLII are the best overhead drum mics for recording. Choosing microphones for overheads is a very personal choice. While there are many microphones on the market some are better aimed towards those who play the drums and wish to record them than others. Using 2 condenser mics always produces a rich sound, especially if it’s 2 of the same microphone (a pair) recorded in stereo. However, let us face it, if you just want to record drums then you probably don’t need them. Nonetheless, based on user feedback, these are our most popular options. However, not all microphones make the best overhead drum mics so to narrow them down to make choosing easier we have picked out and … The AKG C414 was famous for its huge range of selections. And because there are so many mics that are needed, your budget will play a major factor. Room or Overhead Mics. When placed well you might not even need to record individual sounds. The matched pair of Rode M5 condenser mics are some of the best drum overhead mics on the market, with exceptional quality and value for money. 1. Although this is not a full drum set recording solution, this is a set containing 3 X e604 microphones, and these are in my opinion some of the best drum mics to use for toms. This is AKG’s answer to the overhead drum mic industry. Now that you know how to set up your overhead mics I’ll share the 5 best overhead drum mics you should use for even better quality sound! So whether you are looking for an exceptional home recording or live performing engineering experience, any one of those mics will be your trusted companions. We know it's not easy, from too many products by many manufacturers to choose the right product.

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