each along line BC to make the bottom of the leg and then cut off the excess on the top of the too-long Winston Porter handcrafted portable wooden folding table with a patented folding design and original locking hardware is made in the USA and crafted from Baltic Birch ply. Lotta. I loved the color of the wood as is, so I knew I didn’t want to stain it. Update, 11/1/2015: A couple of people have contacted me to let me know that the link to Popular Mechanics isn’t working anymore (at least as I’m writing this). This looks so cool, Gretchen, and I love that it was made with such humble materials! Wholesale Fast Food Restaurant Furniture Wooden Top Table, White oak dining table hotel dining area table solid wood table. The top is attached with 6 L brackets (no glue), What a great project – the legs really make it a stand-out piece! Then I measured 1 inch into the This is amazing!! We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future. Thanks, Kim–I love them, too. (SP-BT701) Best quality classic wood bar stool table hot sale restaurant square wood stools table, Classical soild wooden dining table hotel table with 6 chairs, Oak Veneer Top wood tables Dining Room table and chairs event rental wedding dining table, Round Wooden table with beautiful and sturdy beech table legs, customized COLOR SIZE factory direct sale made in Taiwan Epoxy resin clear Natural Solid Wood RIVER TABLE HOME Furniture, crystal clear resin epoxy table modern epoxy crystal clear resin wood table made of crystal clear epoxy wood table living room. I’m pretty in love with it myself . For 50$ it’s amazing! I’m trying to remember what I put it on with, but I’m coming up empty–I might have used a rag instead of a brush to avoid any brushmarks in the finish. Is it tough enough to stand up to a sore loser after a night of Monopoly? Turns out we did – when we pushed Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: I think it still looks pretty good. All rights reserved. (Incidentally, I’ve developed a little bit of an obsession with things one can make out of one sheet of plywood. And when I say “we” I mostly mean Dave and his Dad. Any suggestions? In the planning stages, I was concerned that the table would be very wobbly on the 4 skinny legs. I kept looking around and finally came across plans on Popular Mechanics’ website to make a table from one sheet of plywood, non hairpin legs and all. , LOL! Thanks! Thanks, Derek! Unless I had to to avoid spending $900. Do you still have them or a link where I could download them? Softening the edges of our boxy house in the suburbs of Atlanta....also homeschooling 4 boys and tripping over assorted dogs and cats. I guess I’m not the only one, as I’ve found entire pinterest boards devoted to such things). So then we landed on the idea of making a table. Great beginner woodworking project! Copyright © 2012-2017, Boxy Colonial. table legs and a miniature guy fist pumping, so that was fun. Cool table. Gretchen!!!! So that’s what we made. the legs are amazing!!! The grain is really lovely! Blog Design by. What’s your lead time 9 It depends on your project, such as the size, quantity, etc. I didn’t want to settle for just slapping a coat of paint on a cheap cast off dining room table on Craigslist. This is how we did it. 4.when you got no reply from our sales, what is to be done next9 You can sent email directly to our after sale service. What a great project – I love the legs the best! or screwed in some places? yeah. The plywood is PureBond birch hardwood from Home Depot. This will hide the plywood layers. I don’t remember having any particular trouble with the polycrylic on the table. Both Dave and his Dad preferred the oak plywood, and I was all, “OMG, no. Intellectual Property Protection Loving the style – the mitered corners would have been nice, but hey but Joints are just fine! hi, I saw a pic of this table and fell in love…so I purchased birch plywood to go over the top of my current table…(Ikea..which has proven to be very fragile with daily use from 9 kids) I love the birch look…but I’ve read that it is almost impossible to get a stain/sealer to go on smooth without blotches. i LOVE how this turned out! But I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for, which made searches rather challenging. Taobao Global This turned out SO GOOD. There’s about 10 inches of overhang on each side. Thanks, Cassie! to length (cut 13). They are super cool and modern. Thanks, Anu–I love the grain…I just sit and stare at it sometimes . Hangzhou Zen Bamboo & Hardwood Products Co., Ltd. Dongguan Chengshimujiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Huzhou Tuobang Import And Export Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Kasaro Decorative Material Co., Ltd. Guangdong Hongye Shengda Furniture Co., Ltd. Foshan City Lorero Hotel Supplies Factory. Geez so pretty. It is so beautiful!!!! 12. | Might have been a long wait). I wish I had a place to put a table like this. 2.Why not ship the goods within one week9 We are not prepare stock for our goods. Optional: Iron on Birch Edge Tape to the table top. It’s a style I like (especially for a teen/tween space) but can’t really get away with as much in the rest of the house, with its very traditional architectural style and details. the reinforcement plan was developed, we decided against it. But since I already have four of the eight legs attached by the time Scandinavian Style Desk / Table & 0, 1 or 2 Benches Combo - Industrial Thick Birch Plywood - Grey or … Four small L bracket as close to the I’d be happy to have you share this with us on our Awesome Life Friday Link Up! - And it STILL only used one sheet of plywood! Thanks, Corinna! | VE TIC. | Country Search piece. Jieke Aershin (Rugao) Furniture Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Gold Apple Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. Shunde District Of Foshan City Jinxinran Furniture Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Mega Import And Export Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Mairuike Information Technology Co., Ltd. Langfang Qintai Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd. RAUDI MOBILYA OTOMOTIV ELEKTRIK ELEKTRONIK DAYANIKLI TUKETIM MALLARI EGITIM HIZMETLERI ITH. I see that you had polycrylic on your list…did you apply in any special way or pretreat the wood? Wow! I put the ones that are there so you can get an idea of the finished look. Taking the two pointy weapon-like pieces and lining them up, I cut | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy 7.how about the quality guarantee period9 One year, or more as per our contract. I’ll talk more about the chairs later (probably next week). Someone else e-mailed me the other day to tell me the same thing. | Showroom Just wondering if the top is just glued down? A wide variety of birch ply table options are available to you, such as dining … It turned out beautifully and I’m so glad you went with the birch. Great idea! 1688.com So we had an extra 4 legs to play with in case we needed them. Do you think the legs could be made slightly narrower at the top, now that you have increased the stability? There are so many tulip style tables out there. | Suppliers Do you provide after-sales service 9 Yes, we offer thoughtful after-sales service. 3. it’s hard to beat $50 for a whole table . This is a great table, I like the leg’s shape! I considered just waxing it, but ultimately decided that some extra durability would be a good thing and that I’d like the look of a shiny tabletop. We It’s perfect for the space and the price is just right! We ended up deciding that the Docksta wasn’t really big enough for our needs, though (our needs being space for 5 or 6 people to spread out and play a board game), so we started thinking about other options. We don’t have or want a coffee table in here (the kids need the space for video games :)), so these give us a place to prop feet up or extra seating when needed: I am really taken with the legs on the table! It turned out really really great! I think it would make the table look more elegant. will check the problem and give best solutions to you ,namely replace some parts and fittings,etc. http://rchreviews.blogspot.com/, Hi Gretchen, This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this information, it was very helpful! It looks so sturdy and solid, and perfect for a gaggle of boys! So then we landed on the idea of making a table. The problem with buying hairpin legs, though, is that they’re not cheap. Holy cow!!!! Unless I had to to avoid spending $900. I used Natural Danish Oil to finish the top. It is so cool and modern and I LOVE the grain of that plywood! Kreg Rip-Cut and circular saw OR table saw. Would be awesome! two legs per corner, we made a right angle with each pair of legs. After cutting out the 5-inch wide strips for the legs (cuts 9 through 12 in the PM plan), I did not then cut Sand down the table top and make sure there is no sharp edges or splintering.

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