PKM: You mention the Bob Dylan show you saw in Cleveland, and Dylan saying Cleveland and Minneapolis were the only towns not to boo him on those 1965-66 electric tours. Frank Secich: Paul Nelson from Mercury Records took Jim Kendzor and I to see and meet Big Star at Max’s Kansas City in what I believe was December of 1973. Leave feedback, Blue Ash is a United States band, formed in Ohio in the summer of 1969 by bassist Frank Secich & vocalist Jim Kendzor. He was on roller skates and had a full beard and was drinking a bottle of Michelob. PKM: I’m a punk rock guy, and we all know how that era – like 1975-78 – was a lot about how the music biz got too big, pretentious…and that punk was about trying to get back to some fun roots of shorter songs with good hooks and energy. Stiv took those recordings to L.A. right after that and played them for Greg Shaw, and in April of ‘79, Greg signed us to record for Bomp Records. Frank Secich: In the summer of ’79, Greg Shaw sent Stiv and I on a promo tour to New York City along with Bomp Records’ VP, Meryl Hauser, to promote our new 45 “It’s Cold Outside” b/w “The Last Year.” As we ended our interview at WPIX, I looked through the studio glass to see none other than Marianne Faithfull and Meryl Hauser talking, and Meryl was showing her the picture sleeve of “It’s Cold Outside.” I couldn’t believe it. Frank Secich: The Holes In The Road were from Warren, Ohio. PKM: You mentioned a party in L.A. that Jeff Beck invited you to. Frank Secich: Sharon was and is a working-class, provincial town resting on the Ohio border in western Pennsylvania. Guitarist Bill Yendrek and drummer David Evans were recruited later that summer. PKM: Can you tell us more about another DJ you mention, DJ Bob Mack? Suffice to say, Secich’s quick-jab tales lend new punches to the Dead Boys’ history. We loved how they sounded. Bob took the tape to New York to try and get a major label to put it out, but no one was interested. Frank Secich: In late 1979, the Dead Boys we playing a lot around New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey. We loved that place. Then after the fall-apart “Louie, Louie” ending, “Thank you very much to the person who threw this glass bottle at my head and nearly killed me. We were right up front. We don’t have any upcoming events for this artist right now. Classic Blue Ash line-up 1971 Frank Secich, Jim Kendzor, Bill Bartolin and David Evans(photo by Geoff Jones). I remember we did “Pills” and a few other songs, and it sounded very good. Producer – Blue Ash, John Grazier; Barcode and Other Identifiers Barcode: 8436001905778; Recommendations Reviews Add Review. Frank Secich: Precisely that! As I axed the first blow to the stage with all my might, strings started breaking and ripped my face like razors. Anita invited us to Keith’s 36th birthday party December 18, 1979, at the Roxy Roller Disco in Manhattan. Hopefully, with this re … PKM: You mention in the book that a lot of bands around the very end of the 1960’s/early ’70’s were getting sort of pretentious, long-winded, and that Blue Ash wanted to get back to shorter, hooky songs and not messing around a lot. PKM: Your book is kind of a collection of quick stories, rather than the usual drawn-out biography? Stiv and David Steinberg were driving in the car ahead of me with a couple of girls at 75 mph down the freeway. Eric Clapton is not God! My life as a star Little League baseball player, a good Catholic boy, and honor student would soon be in shambles. Blue Ash is a United States band, formed in Ohio in the summer of 1969 by bassist Frank … While loading equipment into the club, I felt a sudden stabbing pain in my chest. The Penn Alto would hold 1,000 kids and 975 of them would be teenaged girls. Stiv had been going out with Bebe for a while, and we were having a party at the Mudd Club that night for her. Talking to him puts you into the atmosphere of a great after-school diner convo about Favorite Top 10 Albums and whaddaya doin’ this weekend. “Our next selection tonight for all you Hebrew ladies in the audience is entitled ‘Rich Bitch.’ Hey, I don’t care if you throw all the ice in the world, you’re paying 5 bucks and I’m making $10,000 baby!”, “The Stooges were up next and there was a sinister, foreboding feeling in the air.”. Like other such influential ‘70s bands, they were rediscovered not long after they broke up, landing in a small pantheon of proto-power pop, as their excellent debut (No More No Less) rivals Big Star and fellow Ohioans, the Raspberries, for Beatles hooks/Byrds jangle/Who umph, anti-stadium bloat rock’n’roll. Jim Kendzor and I are both in it as well with some classic Boots stories. I have never minded that designation as we’re usually lumped in with some greats like Flamin’ Groovies, Badfinger, Big Star, Raspberries, the Records, and all the usual suspects. You claim they were the best Ohio band circa 1966-69. Jim left it on there and never cleaned it and just let it dry. Did you ever see the band or know much about them when they were around? The first time I ever played in New York City was with the Dead Boys in the autumn on 1979. Beatle cards Frank carries in his wallet. Frank Secich: I went to Cleveland quite a bit in the 1950’s and ’60’s. PKM: Another seemingly big deal you quickly mention in the book – you had a collapsed lung?! Let us know what you think of the website. It was the biggest mistake Blue Ash ever made. When we came back to the stage, Stiv got on the microphone and said “There’s this guy backstage who has been bugging us to let him come up and play the drums on “Sonic Reducer.” So we’re going to bring him out. Frank Secich: We did Rodney’s KROQ radio show, “Rodney on The Roq,” a couple of times. “So February 9, 1974 – exactly ten years from the day the Beatles debuted in America on The Ed Sullivan Show – Blue Ash played with the Stooges at their final show before they broke up at the Michigan Palace in Detroit.”. PKM: So for the second Blue Ash album, you got signed to Playboy Records. Many briefings with some of Rock n Roll legend’s to cutting it up in Northeastern Ohio- Western PA and back again. On the final day of recording in February of ‘73, I smashed that guitar (in one take) on a big grey brick in the studio, surrounded by very expensive Neumann microphones. Unfortunately, few ever heard of this band at the time and even fewer today are enjoying it. Blue Ash Summer Concert Series (Tuesday & Friday nights June-August; Thursday nights in September) Blue Ash Farmers Market Beats, Arts, & Eats The City of Blue Ash will comply with the most current Ohio Department of Health and Hamilton County Board of Health regulations in the 2021 Concert Season. Then in May 2015, I had a serious accident and was rushed by ambulance to Pittsburgh for emergency surgery. When Stiv and I got the acetates of “It’s Cold Outside” we went over to Bingenheimer’s apartment and played it for him.

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