Eating ice cream and cakes is fun and a great way to stay happy and cheerful. Description Our unique pheno of Ice Cream Cake comes from the winning seed of a flower bred by Seed Junky Genetics. It is hybrid cannabis produced by Paradise Seeds. Buy Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain Online. After a while I was able to get myself together as much as possible and enjoy the ride, which was amazing. Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain is best for evening usage. Allows to sink in and just doze off completely relaxed. I tried Ice Cream Cake at a friend’s pool party and I really enjoyed the vanilla flavor. Ice Cream is an Indica dominant marijuana strain with an Indica/ Sativa content of 60/40 percent. It gets you high really fast and makes you laugh like crazy, especially if you’re chilling with your friends. It’s one of those weeds that get you stoned but keep the brain alert. It’s one of the best strains for weekends! Secondly, I didn’t even want this strain. Vanilla is such an attractive flavor and scent which you can’t just stop inhaling. It also reminds you of vanilla and honey. It’s also great for weekend home cleaning sessions, I just crank up the volume, get in the zone, and nothing gets me distracted! We recommend moderate and responsible use since the side effects of dizziness and paranoia can overwhelm beginners. Therefore, I adore Ice Cream Cake! it has a range of health benefits after all. I might like sour Tangie the … Many growers believe that using feminised seeds can save a large amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on the useless male plants. Description. Mitten Cake Batter. Way to strong for a daily use. It features an above average yield both indoors and out. Although it’s difficult, you’ll have an easier time growing it in warmer climates as you don’t face unwanted things like mold. This strain grows the best indoors or in a greenhouse and has a flowering time of 8 - … Just like ice cream and a … It can ease muscle tension that causes stress as well. Your email address will not be published. I was laughing at Adam Sandler’s movie, nuff said! Ice Cream Cake by Mad Scientist Genetics. It was first propagated by the heads at Seed Junky Genetics who are also known for creating similarly-flavored strains like Animal Cookies, Jungle Cake, and Birthday Cake.This hard-hitter checks in around 20-25% THC on average and boasts thick, dense flowers coated in icy … The aroma and taste are beyond this world, it’s like you’re actually smoking vanilla sticks. Ice Cream Cake: Background Ice Cream Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. When grown outdoors, this strain flowers at around 55 to 60 days and is usually ready for harvest in October. Roll up a fatty and you’ll fall asleep like a baby. Got me in the mood to dance, and I was able to articulate with women, too. Ice Cream Cake x Kush Mints #11 (REGS) 10 seeds in a pack. It medical benefits that are effective against a number of medical conditions. Godfather OG (The Don of All OGs, Godfather). It uplifts the mood, and it can make you happy and cheerful. You can choose from fruity, candy, chocolate, coffee, and more! AskGrowers is a dedicated team of cannabis connoisseurs, experienced growers, weed fans, and journalists, who are committed to telling consumers about top brands, manufacturers, and growers in their regions as well as providing timely information about the craft culture of cannabis. Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain is a rare Indica dominant hybrid. The Ice Cream Cake strain’s mental high may seem to be very strong, but it is coupled with a gentle buzz by its Indica side, which balances and neutralizes the psychedelic high. Although it’s an Indica-dominant strain that will make you calm, it’s still good for morning use if your day isn’t too busy. But wait, the effects of this strain starts by uplifting the mood. I was laughing and scrolling memes for hours. To start, this strain has high THC content; thus, Ice Cream Cake is a potent strain. However , my pharmacist substituted this for me when they ran out of Ice Cream cake. I prefer strains this strong during the night. If you’re a fan of a high THC strain, Ice Cream Cake is for you. It’s sweet like a vanilla cake, yet earthy. Ice cream cake is an indica-dominant strain with parent strains of weeding cake and gelato #33.This strain was cultivated by Seed Junkies Genetics. Ice Cream Cake x Kush Mints #11. Just like ice cream and a yummy cake, it gives away positive emotions. This is as the heat zaps them away. Pain. The happy feeling can paste a smile on your face that can lead to giggles and laughter. Ice Cream is one of the favorite weeds among musicians, artists, writers, and other creatives. Required fields are marked *. The vanilla flavor will make you feel as if you’re smoking an ice cream cone. If you have a stressful job, this weed is your best friend in the evening because it takes the edge off after the first puff. It is an Indica-leaning hybrid from Mad Scientist Genetics. It is perhaps one of the most flavorful and aromatic among new generation strains, not to mention the fantastic effects. Ice cream strains thrive best in an open growing environment, and they love to be exposed to the sun. really enjoyable. Ice creams and cakes are among the favorite food of young and old.

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