Report a … Instead place the Brinjal in a bowl then add spices and a teaspoon or two of oil (preferably olive oil). Stuffed brinjal … Hello friends, Welcome back to my channel. So, the fried brinjal always looked whiter without purple skin. Keep cooking and sauteing till the gram flour in the powder cooks and smells nutty.The powder will get toasted and brown and coats the brinjal … Garnish, and Serve hot with Bread, Roti, Drinks, and even with the Plane Rice and Rasam as a side dish. In a deep fry pan add oil, when the oil is hot, deep fry egg plant (Brinjal) to the golden brown. Stuffed Brinjal Fry Recipe, Baingan Ringna sukhi sabji, How To Make Stuffed Brinjal Fry Recipe Any recipe made with eggplant taste good and if a touch of masala on it is an enhancement to it. So, I thought of updating the brinjal … As I found some small brinjals recently, I could anyhow cook brinjal moju which looks similar to Sri Lankan Batu moju. Now add in the aromatic powder as needed and mix well. To make a healthier alternative to fried brinjal simply omit the flour and excess oil for frying. Crispy Eggplant Fingers/Fried Eggplant sticks Recipe by Tiffin Box | Brinjal Fry,Easy Snacks Recipe. Today's recipe is Crispy eggplant fingers / fried eggplant sticks/ brinjal fry… Place Brinjal … Now add in the sliced up brinjal and mix well with the oil Season with salt and keep cooking them till it little golden. Pre-heat the oven.

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