Luckily, with azaleas, you can choose whether you want one that doesn’t have a scent, one that is lightly scented, or even highly fragrant. Have you considered adding Azaleas to your landscape, but aren’t sure where to start? If chemical fertilizers are used on your Azaleas, applying a slow-release, balanced fertilizer once a year is probably the simplest solution. Gardeners in the United States can select from a tremendous array of varieties to find those that are adaptable to their climatic region, as well as the needs and requirements of their particular garden. Azalea is a very adaptable plant; with the necessary attention to soil, light, and careful selection, they can be grown throughout the Country. Buy Azalea plants from the wide range we have on sale for delivery to anywhere in the UK. Azalea shrubs are used extensively in landscape design for good reason: when planted right and in the right spot they are easy to grow and long lived, come in a wide array of flower colors, and they have many uses in landscape design as specimens, in groupings or to form colorful hedges. Just make sure to pick a color that flows with the overall design and aesthetic of your home and existing landscape so it doesn’t clash! Azaleas (Rhododendron) are the ideal bush for nearly any setting. Azalea Southern Indica ‘George Tabor’ Pink white 6 – 8′. The most important reason for pruning Azaleas is to improve the overall health of the plant which in turn will reward you with a flush of new growth. Specific planting directions will depend on the variety you choose, but most Azalea Shrubs like full to partial sun (4 to 8 hours of sun per day) and well-drained soil. Azalea plants delight gardeners with a profusion of blooms, in a wide range of colors, flower size, and form. With many varieties to choose from, you can easily find one that will match the size and style that you are looking for to enhance your landscape. Not Available Online. And because we offer a variety of colors and sizes, you'll get the shrub that's perfect for your homescape. Fertilizing and pruning are also simple. The shrubs that come to mind when you think of classic good looks without all the work: Azalea Shrubs make a beautiful statement. A lot of people love the smell of aromatic flowers in their gardens. Grows more rapidly than other azalea bushes and is heat tolerant, perfect for Georgia climates. Azalea Alphonse Anderson 150mm Pot (Semi shade variety) $ 9.95. How to Plant Azalea Shrubs. They are the best-selling azalea in the world due to their re-blooming habit, a kaleidoscope of colors and ease of care. Azalea Blue Moon 150mm Pot $ 9.95. The best time to trim Azaleas is after the blossoms have faded, but before the new blossom buds have started. Design by Unleaded.Digital, How to Buy the Right Azaleas for Your Landscape, Types of Azalea Plants for Sale at Garden Goods Direct. 2410 N. Crain Hwy, BOWIE, Maryland, United States, © 2020 Garden Goods Direct. The world's best-selling reblooming azalea, Encore Azaleas bloom in spring, summer and fall. Azalea shrubs help provide shelter and nutrients for local pollinators like birds, butterflies, and bees. Hide unwanted elements in your yard while simultaneously enhancing the dimension and charm! If you’re not sure which Azalea shrub grows best where you live, find out using our grow zone checker. Azaleas can range in size anywhere from one foot to more than five feet tall. When you invest in the landscape of your home, it can greatly benefit the overall property value! Azalea such as Azalea Lemon Drop, Azalea Dragon Fire, Azalea Pink and Sweet, Azalea Tri-lights, and Azalea Ribbon Candy are deciduous plants which mean they lose their leaves in the winter. It’s also best if you leave an inch gap between the mulch and the base of the trunk. Start by establishing a solid watering schedule for your Azalea Shrubs. ORDER HOTLINE: 01782 502741 Not Available Online. ‘George Tabor’ is an attractive plant for groupings or as a natural hedge. Copyright © 2005-2020 | 2621 Old Nation Rd Fort Mill, SC 29715 | NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC. Gardeners in almost every part of the country can enjoy some of these plants. And of course, it's important to ensure that you’re in the correct growing zone for your selected plant. If you notice slow growth, fertilize in early spring, before blooming, with a general-purpose or well-balanced blend for best results. It’s an easy investment that has both immediate and long-term benefits. This Weekend Get Big Discounts up to 57% Off! Organic additions to the soil can also be combined with a shot of chemical fertilizer for maximum effect. First, we recommend backfilling and lightly compacting a 50/50 mix of existing soil and compost. Azalea shrubs grow best if they are fertilized lightly in the spring once frost has passed with a well-balanced, extended-release, fertilizer such as Espoma Holly-tone. The versatility of this beautiful plant can not be underestimated. Generally, we recommend watering about once or twice weekly. As America’s number one online plant nursery, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality plants available. Azalea Alba Magna 175mm Pot (Semi shade variety) $ 14.95. The compost will provide the shrub with added nutrients to help it thrive in its new setting. Hurry, Sale Ends Sunday, November 29th at Midnight! We've determined you're in Growing Zone #. In turn, the local pollinators in your garden end up benefiting you by helping keep your landscape alive and flourishing. Our largest group of Azaleas and by far the most popular. There are many options when it comes to buying azaleas online for your home or garden. Rest assured, when you buy Azalea plants online from Wilson Bros Gardens, we safely ship the highest … After that, give your Azalea shrubs a thorough watering. Azaleas are a type of flowering shrub for sale at Garden Goods Direct; their amazing show of blooms in spring and summer along with the dense foliage makes them fantastic for hiding unsightly objects in your yard such as a gas meter or crack in the foundation. The blossoms can be as small as a half-inch flower all the way up to large 5-inch blossoms. While mulching is not necessary, it’s highly recommended. Since an organic method of applying manure and/or compost around the roots produces excellent results and also improves the condition of the soil, this would be an excellent first line of attack. Again, this adds to the versatility of this incredible shrub. Choose from 31 multiseason blooming azalea varieties that love sun or part shade. Removing the dead and dying limbs will minimize the possibility of diseases such as “die back” and will also allow the plant to re-concentrate its energy and produce more foliage. These plants can be used for foundation planting, as a focal point in your yard or even in conjunction with privacy screens to add color and texture. Planting shrubs is a great way to support the natural ecosystem in your yard. These hardy and beautiful plants add a splash of color to shady spots, and are ideal for borders, foundation plantings or as stand alone shrubs. Azalea Charlie 150mm Pot $ 9.95. Planting azalea bushes is a great way to bring resilient color to your perennial garden. However, some people prefer their flowers not to be fragrant for a variety of reasons, such as being sensitive to smells or having other flowers and plants they would like to be able to smell instead. Buy Azaleas Online From The Plant Experts Azaleas are easily one of the most popular shrubs in the United States. Don’t rush this process because much of the water that you pour initially will run off the soil, so make sure to give it a deep watering in its first few weeks of planting. We can help clear up the confusion and explain the differences between the different groups of azalea plants for sale at Garden Goods Direct! Layer about 2 to 3-inches of mulch and take care not to cover any part of the stem of the plant. The collection includes red colors, such as Autumn Bonfire and Autumn Ruby; white colors like Autumn Moonlight; purple colors, such as Autumn Royalty; and multi-colored variations like the amazing Autumn Twist. Azalea Alphonse Anderson 175mm Pot (Semi shade variety) $ 14.95. Specific planting directions will depend on the variety you choose, but most Azalea Shrubs like full to partial sun (4 to 8 hours of sun per day) and well-drained soil.

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