An Argentinian military march is called ", This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 05:52. There are 100–300 described species, with some controversy over the exact number. (Miku) (Sep.11.2011), "Hello Strobe - Camellia's ELCTRSTP RMX" (Miku) (Remix /, "Paradichlorobenzene - 2,2-dimethylheptane RMX" (Len) (Remix /, "Hi-Fi Raver - Camellia's WARUIKOTO REMIX" (Luka, GUMI, Miku) (Remix / EasyPop) (Jan.27.2012), "Kimi ga Shinu No o Nagame te Iru yo" (Miku) (Feb.28.2012), "Haguruma Philosophy" (Miku) (Mar.20.2012), "welcome to wobbling field" (Miku, GUMI) (May.10.2012), "Sweet Time - Love between me & sequences rmx" (Luka) (Remix / EasyPop) (May.24.2012), "Quantum Entanglement" (Miku) (Sep.29.2012), "Sprite Hirakeru Yoru ni - Camellia's Remix" (Iroha) (Remix / Uoa-P) (2013), "Uta wo Kikasete - Camellia's Drumstep Remix" (Miku) (Remix / Kazkun-P) (2013), "Kagerou Days - Camellia's Unheathazing GlitchHop Remix" (Miku) (Remix /, "Ayano no Koufuku Riron - Camellia's Distort Your Ear Remix" (IA) (Remix / Jin) (2013), "Baby Maniacs - Camellia Remix" (Miku) (Remix /, "Fly to night, tonight" (Miku) (Dec.24.2013), "Ii Aru Fanclub - Camellia's REMIX" (GUMI, Rin) (Remix /, "Looking for Edge of Ground" (Miku) (May.9.2020), "Ii Aru Fanclub - Camellia's REMIX" (GUMI, Rin) (Remix / Mikito-P) (Oct.2013). WELCOME Of economic importance in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, leaves of C. sinensis are processed to create the popular beverage tea. By the 1840s, the camellia was at the height of its fashion as the luxury flower. [3] Camellias are famous throughout East Asia; they are known as cháhuā (茶花, 'tea flower') in Chinese, tsubaki (椿) in Japanese, dongbaek-kkot (동백꽃) in Korean, and as hoa trà or hoa chè in Vietnamese. He was told that the plant had 900 names in Japanese. Tea varieties are always white-flowered. Camellias that set seed, though they did not flower for more than a decade, rewarded their growers with a wealth of new varieties. CATERING SERVICES. Camellia flowers throughout the genus are characterized by a dense bouquet of conspicuous yellow stamens, often contrasting with the petal colors. She is often associated with LamazeP and Camellia, as their songs fit her voice very well, and often collaborates with other utaites being featured on a few singlink choruses. The fashionable imbricated formality of prized camellias was an element in their decline, replaced by the new hothouse orchid. Europeans' earliest views of camellias must have been their representations in Chinese painted wallpapers, where they were often represented growing in porcelain pots. Nanahira (ななひら) is an utaite known for her sweet and sassy voice that is described as loli. Most species of camellias also require a large amount of water, either from natural rainfall or from irrigation, and the plants will not tolerate droughts. [4][5] The so-called "fruit" of camellia plants is a dry capsule, sometimes subdivided in up to five compartments, each compartment containing up to eight seeds. Camellia (en français « Camélia ») est un genre de plantes à fleurs de la famille des Theaceae, originaire d'Asie orientale et méridionale de l'est depuis la chaîne himalayenne, au Japon et en Indonésie, connues sous le nom de cháhuā (茶花) en chinois, de tsubaki (椿) en japonais, de dongbaek-kkot (동백꽃) en coréen et de hoa trà ou hoa chè en vietnamien. The tea camellia, C. sinensis, has many commercial cultivars selected for the taste of their leaves once processed into tea leaves. 'Brigadoon', Double-flowered hybrid cv. One of these is the aforementioned C. reticulata, grown commercially in thousands for horticulture and oil production, but rare enough in its natural range to be considered a threatened species. Carl Linnaeus vernoemde het geslacht naar de jezuïet en botanicus Georg Joseph Kamel . El género Camellia agrupa entre 100 y 250 especies (hay cierta controversia sobre el número exacto) originarias de las regiones tropicales y subtropicales de Asia sudoriental, China y Japón. The Parisian courtesan Marie Duplessis, who died young in 1847, inspired Dumas' La Dame aux camélias and Verdi's La Traviata. She has two disciples, namely Kayana and China Root. Le nombre d'espèces que contient le genre varie, selon les botanistes, entre … There are also around 3,000 hybrids. Camellia (pronounced /kəˈmɛliə/[1] or /kəˈmiːliə/[2]) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae. There is also Camellia japonica 'The Czar Variegated' — a virus variegated form of 'The Czar' originating from Camellia Lodge Nursery in Noble Park, Victoria in 1959. The various species of camellia plants are generally well-adapted to acid soils rich in humus, and most species do not grow well on chalky soil or other calcium-rich soils.

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