Carbon cycle drawing worksheet : Work in pairs to label the hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere and complete the following carbon cycle diagram that shows how the biosphere interacts with at least two other global systems. Animals use oxygen in the process of _____ and make more CO 2. Carbon flows between the atmosphere, land, and ocean in a cycle that encompasses nearly all life and sets the thermostat for Earth's climate. Fill out all the missing information on the Carbon Cycle diagram provided. Notice that there may be more than one process (in the rectangle) to move a carbon Carbon Cycle 1. Students will read a text selection about the carbon cycle and try to create a diagram. The _____ is the main regulator of CO 2 in the atmosphere because CO 2 dissolves easily in it. Do NOT copy this pattern. The carbon cycle is the biogeochemical cycle by which carbon is exchanged among the biosphere, pedosphere, geosphere, hydro - sphere and atmosphere of Earth. Its vitality is reasserted by the carbon cycle. 1. Plants use CO 2 in the process of _____ to make _____ and oxygen. Assign students to make some sort of 3D display of the carbon cycle like a diorama or mobile. How many gigatonnes of carbon are exchanged from terrestrial vegetation to the atmosphere each year and what is this process called? 5.6). Such CO 2 may now be used in photosynthesis again, or it may return to the environment, completing the second possible carbon cycle (Fig. Another fraction of the organic substances is used as fuel in respiration by both plants and animals. This BiologyWise article presents its diagram and a comprehensive explanation that will give a better understanding of this process. Using your carbon cycle diagram answer the following questions: a. 3. What form of carbon is emitted from volcanoes? This process releases CO 2 as a by-product. Carbon Cycle Diagram. By burning fossil fuels, people are changing the carbon cycle with far-reaching consequences. Activity 11 The Carbon Cycle – How It Works 11-7 Sample Worksheet for the Carbon Cycle 1. Along with the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle, the carbon cycle comprises a sequence of events key to making Earth capable of sustaining life; it describes Carbon is probably the most vital element on planet Earth. 3. Decay subsequently returns CO 2 to the atmosphere, and this completes one possible carbon cycle. Draw your own carbon cycle on your blank worksheet based on the path of your carbon atom. 2. Cycles worksheet Please answer the following using the words in the text box. 4. 2. b. 2.

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