Hi I love your recipe. How many servings would this recipe can make? It can last for about 3 - 5 days in the refrigerator. Bring cream cheese to room temperature, add in caster sugar and sea salt to taste, stir till smooth. Your email address will not be published. Wow, this sounds amazing and quite an unexpected combination of flavors! Here in China, if there’s a long queue on the street or in a mall, it’s most likely in front of a cheese tea shop. Cream cheese powder – not sure, I brought from a pastry store where they repacked. Serving with any beverage of your preference and scoop the cheese batter on top of the beverage. Add in whipping cream and milk, whip the mixture till it forms still peaks. I curate recipes at the weekend, otherwise, on the weekdays I spend time hunting for stuff at YS. 3. With the rapid development of milk tea industry, the competition got intense and the products were not so different from one milk tea brand to another. Whisk until cheese batter is foamy and set aside. The topping is the key of cheese tea. Required fields are marked *, Hey, thanks for dropping by. Hey! Thank you so much! All content & work associated with 3thanwong.com is protected under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Cheese tea is a thing, and it’s coming to the UK, The History of the Menghai Tea Factory, Taetea (Dayi), Classic ‘Xiao Tai’ Yunnan Tuocha Review: What A Surprise. Some people say it has an acquired taste, but not to me! Add sugar and salt into cream cheese and beat until sugar dissolves. Place the black tea in a pot and pour cold water in, put the pot on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Whisk whipping cream until medium peak consistency. I am sorry that this post was not helpful for you! Because it floats on top of the tea base, it is called “milk cap” (奶盖, nai gai) in Chinese. This is my favorite cheese tea recipe that I’ve found so far. That’s why most brands have selected quality tea to replace the ordinary tea or even powdered tea used in the milk tea. A week? Milk tea shops began to appear on the streets since the 90’s, spreading from Taiwan to mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Oh yeah, I spend my break time learning to code. So yes, there is definitely a long list of choices. A french brand, should be easy for you to get over there. I’m not sure if everyone noticed it, but cheese tea has been a hit among the young generation over the past few years. what a great pairing! So you could sub out by using 5/8 cups of heavy cream and 1/8 cup milk or just use straight heavy cream as you suggested (will be slightly thicker). Kudos! With a clean mixing bowl, mash cream cheese into smaller pieces. The previous cheese tea recipe, I’ve made it with the combination of cream cheese block and cream cheese powder. Apparently it’s also trending overseas like the US and the UK, and all over social media too. Be the first to rate this post. A cup of cheese tea has two layers: a tea base with a frothy milky cheesy topping. What brand of whipping cream you used? yes whole milk can be substituted with almond milk, but the cream and cheese is still dairy, This tastes p much identical, I’m so impressed!! I want to make a big batch but is not sure how long it’ll be good for. I assure you this recipe does not disappoint! At first it tasted liked the fluffy form of a slightly salted cheese cake, not bad! Slowly introduce milk into cheese batter and continue whisking. Hence, noticing the difficulties of trying to follow the cheese tea recipe, I’ve taken my time to remake and revise the cheese tea recipe! Back then there wasn’t any cheese foam recipe that was build to mimic the flavor of Heytea. Great! I fell in love with it instantly after my first sip. 4. That’s the reason why cheese tea probably here to stay and make young people drink more tea than ever. It was an oolong sea salt cheese tea. To attract the customers, there must be fresh and new products coming out every so often. I’m trying to be dairy free, can I sub whole milk with almond milk? All in all, cheese tea is highly recommended!

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