What are the key benefits of being a member of Alpha Chi? This society promotes high scholarship, encourages original investigation in chemical engineering and recognizes the valuable traits of character, integrity and leadership. Chi Epsilon. Access premium content, full Member Directory and much more. Learn More Join Now Join LEX AAfPE's membership includes hundreds of universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and in Canada. Chi Epsilon, Inc. University of Texas at Arlington Room 222, Nedderman Hall Box 19316 Arlington, Texas 76019-0316 866.554.0553 xehq@chi-epsilon.org There are currently 141 chapters, of which 132 are active, where over 120,000 members have been inducted. Members receive recognition as distinguished students and members of one of the largest college honor societies in the world. Membership is offered through local campus chapters to eligible students and alumni. Chi Epsilon, Inc. University of Texas at Arlington Room 222, Nedderman Hall Box 19316 Arlington, Texas 76019-0316 866.554.0553 xehq@chi-epsilon.org What Does It Cost To Be A Chi Epsilon Member? Individual chapters may assess an additional fee for chapter membership. Students who: hold a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. For others, you share in the cost. Current Membership February 2020. The national initiation fee for a Chi Epsilon candidate is $82. And we’re right behind you. Dozens of exclusive member benefits tailored to your life. Chi Epsilon. Many of the best civil engineers in the country are members of Chi Epsilon and are often looking for new employees. All inductees receive from their campus sponsor a membership certificate suitable for framing and the Alpha Chi key, a recognition lapel pin. Omega Chi Epsilon. Membership in Chi Epsilon has many benefits. The most important benefit for most students is networking. Omega Chi Epsilon (Lamdba) is the National Honor Society for Chemical Engineers for the CCNY Chapter. Ohio JCEP for CES Full or Affilliate Membership and TERSSA Dues OJCEP will not be collecting dues for current members in 2020 for 2021 - holding over 2020 Memberships and adding NEW members CES Members in good standing at retirement, are Lifetime Retiree Members Apply For Membership. Omega Chi Epsilon. Exclusive Member Benefits for Students and Alumni. Honor … Members pledge to continue to excel academically, promote academic excellence in others, and to help those who genuinely aspire to the same goals. What Are The Benefits Of Membership In Chi Epsilon? Omega Chi Epsilon is a Chemical Engineering honor society. Chi Epsilon is a Civil Engineering honor society. 2020 Membership Form Chi Epsilon Sigma Provides Opportunities to: Enhance job skills with annual training opportunities; Develop leadership skills and serve in leadership roles From health and well-being to income protection and long-term financial security, you have the flexibility to build your own employee benefits program. Benefits of Membership. … Employers know that Chi Epsilon is an honor society and will be pleased to see it on your résumé. As an employee of CHI, you have access to online decision tools and resources to … Chi Epsilon (ΧΕ) is an American civil engineering honor society.It honors engineering students in the United States who have exemplified the "principles of scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability...in the civil engineering profession." Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) The National Honor Society in Paralegal /Legal.

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