List of Congolese-owned Businesses in DFW. But in the meantime, can I please borrow your corporate AMEX card, and pretend that I’m a large group? Please? We are a small family restaurant that sells delicious African meals in a semi suburb environment in Noordwyk, Midrand. As we start to pick up business again with small, safe, meal drop-offs, it is more important than ever that we have your support. Aimé was born in Kisangani, the second-largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo (also known as Congo-Kinshasa to distinguish it from its smaller neighbor, the Republic of the Congo; click here for a brief, well-written introduction to the two Congos from a traveler’s perspective). We're sincere and vibrant. I loved his answer: “OK, I’ll make a few Congolese dishes. etc. But they will be delicious.”. I am from Congo, from Kinshasa, a beautiful city where people like to dance and to eat. There are some people who are African—they don't have time to cook. Congolese food prepared by Badjoko Catering, specializing in a blend of Congolese and Belgian flavors. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Linda A. Sebisaho was born, entrepreneurship is … Our approach is fresh and experienced. From the moment we first met with Russell and then Frank, they treated us like family and were so honest with us throughout the process. Congolese food, if I write it down that would be American food. Fast-forward a few years, and Aimé is now in New York, bringing his own blend of Belgian and Congolese flavors to his catering business, called Badjoko. Sodexo is the world’s leading provider of catering, hospitality and food retail services. My name is Sharon Richardson and I am a formerly incarcerated Black woman and the founder of Just Soul Catering. And we genuinely love what we do. Somebody must be a genius? (click on a country above to view blog post). Just Soul Catering helps to break down barriers to employment by hiring formerly incarcerated individuals. WHAT: 30 Congolese foods and music by the Jambo Music & Dance Company. Please enter your email: Hm, the word “lunch” immediately follows my name on a menu. / Congolese Food Pops Up in Downtown Renton! His wife didn’t cook either, so Aimé bought a few cookbooks (including La Cuisine d’Olympe and Alain Senderens’ first book), memorized pretty much every recipe in the darned things, and realized that cooking is his true calling. Sonia Ngbonga/ Sonia's Plates/Traiteur/ Catering/ Congolese food/Culinaire/ Foodies | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Chef cuisinier Lubumbashi, RDC | 234 connections | View Sonia Ngbonga/ Sonia's Plates/Traiteur/ Catering/ 's homepage, profile, activity, articles Authentic Congolese cuisine! ), they mean it. Want tasty blog posts in your inbox? etc. In June, as I watched George Floyd's family speak at his memorial service in Minneapolis, I was moved by their memories of sharing food together. Her readiness to answer my questions about Congolese food could not hide the fact that she would rather get straight back into the kitchen, where she was preparing spicy shrimps, fresh and salted catfish and goat stew for that night’s busy service. WHEN: 7 p.m. to midnight Saturday. Aimé’s path to chefdom (look at me, I’m making up words!) All three dishes were spectacular, but there’s a special place in my heart for beautiful plates of stewed greens (did I mention that I grazed on my mother’s houseplants when I was a toddler? Daring to be different, "Just Soul Catering" is not your typical catering business. If I only I were capable of taking classier photos while dining with people who are more important than I am…. At the risk of sounding like an untrendy culinary grinch, I’m often ambivalent about pedigreed chefs who were trained in fancy culinary academies. I make samosas, rice with vegetables, goat, chicken, salad, French donuts called beignets, and more. Despite being kind of a big deal, she was very gracious, and let us feed her whatever Aimé felt like feeding us. Explore. He studied economics as a university student, and didn’t cook at all until he was married with three kids in Belgium. Our efforts to feed those in need are supported entirely by donations and we need your help. Sure, I thoroughly respect the hard work of chefs who learned some great skills in culinary school, and I’ll happily devour their delicious food. WHERE: East Liberty Lutheran Church, 5707 Penn Ave. TICKETS: $25 for adults, $5 for children 10 and younger; call Afia Catering, 412-362-4729; or Gardenalia, Shadyside, 412-441-9611. Linda A. Sebisaho makes Congolese food in cooking classes and pop-ups around New York City. So far, we have fed over 800 doctors, nurses, women, and families while partnering with NY Presbyterian and Mount Sinai Hospitals, NYC Department of Education, and NYPD Community Partnerships. It sounds like a fascinating breed of mayhem, since the ten “children” – a few of whom were young adults by then – were not accompanied by their parents. Of course, Aimé was 100% correct, and he graciously delivered a monstrous bag of his delicious cuisine to a business meeting that I was attending in Chelsea with a woman named Meg, who is more important than I am. Welcome African Hot Food. 1319 meadow creek dr. When he was five years old, Aimé’s family sent him to a small village in Belgium; when Aimé was 14, his father moved all ten of his children into a house in Brussels – including several children who had not previously lived in Belgium. We may no longer  be in prison, but we are far from free. We are a Justice involved social enterprise, relentlessly striving to serve our customers with delicious food and affordable prices. donate here today. is every bit as interesting as his childhood.

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