The ultimate curly hair routine. When I talk about multiple day hair, I mean only using a spray bottle to refresh each morning after that initial wash day; dampening the hair and tweaking it. The method that I use in my curly hair routine is actually a part of the tightly curly method which I talk about in my Caring for Curls email course. After-shower creams are the unsung heroes of curly hair. This is often what makes the difference between the attractive beauty pageant curly hair and the boring looking, not-so-curly … Let's hop to it! Right after I get out of the shower, I use two pumps of Pantene Overnight Miracle Repair Serum and run it through my hair… Basically it’s when you put a ton of conditioner into your hair but you don’t rinse it out, you just leave it in your hair … The curly girls who say they go a full 10 days before washing may be doing a complete wet down and product application in the shower … The slight moisture and your body heat create a green house effect, helping to keep your curls moist so you can simply fluff and go come morning. Lightly spritz your hair with water then cover it with a shower cap.Once you're finished, put on your satin bonnet or scarf and hop into bed. Another way to preserve a wash and go is to plait the hair. While shampoos clean your hair and conditioners keep it soft and untangled, shower creams help you to maintain beautiful looking curls.

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