Data architects and data engineers together put a usable Data Architecture in action for the organizational Data Management teams. Despite complementary roles in the Data Science world, these two professionals can be quite different in their daily job functions. Architect or the Data Engineer? Data engineers specialize in big data solutions, but technology and techniques are too new to provide guaranteed success. experience to become a data architect. The data engineering role has recently evolved from the traditional software-engineering field. Good data modelers are highly valued by the enterprise and this is one situation where a simple change in title can increase salary — if the modeling skills are there, he said. So You Want to be a Data Engineer? “It’s a huge value Those that push themselves and learn to master new skills become more valuable and can move up to a higher paying position, such as BI engineer, he said. They discovered that Payscale generally projected lower salary results, and Indeed showed higher results, with in between, so they used Glassdoor as the primary salary information source. The process brought him to a wealth of information he would have appreciated much earlier in his career, so Bowers was inspired to expand his comprehensive analysis to eight career positions: data analyst, data quality engineer, database administrator, data modeler, BI engineer, data engineer, data scientist, and data architect. critical to competitive salaries, whatever the position. Staying current is a Each Data Science team requires a data architect to visualize, design, and prepare data in a framework that can be utilized by data scientists, engineers, or data analysts. The average salary is $27,000 over the average DBA, reflecting both strong On the other hand, Data Engineers assist the data architects to build the working framework for data search and retrieval, which both scientists and analysts can use for their work later. a “catch-all” position, he said, but in a large enterprise, the DBA position has Learn cutting-edge skills. Throughout his presentation, Bowers highlighted opportunities They are responsible for finding bad data and cleaning it up so that the analysts, BI engineers, and data engineers on the IT side can be more successful. higher paid BI engineers, data scientists, and data engineers to focus on producing DBAs are plentiful and compensated so little compared to what is required have this level of experience,” said Bowers. Engineering Skills- Setting up database systems, writing queries, integrating with applications etc. DBAs with strong people skills might consider becoming a BI engineer. In the Big Data world, these highly specialized engineers are responsible for building and testing maintainable Enterprise Data Architectures. Although both the data architect and the data engineer are experts about Database Management technologies, they use their knowledge very differently in their respective roles. Develop Rather than working with on-premise technologies, Data engineers work with data lakes, cloud platforms, and data warehouses in the cloud. Differences between the two roles include: Which One Do You Prefer to Be: The Data Technology skills increase salary the most, with Individuals searching for Data Architect vs. This includes personalizing content, using analytics and improving site operations. The Working Lives of Data Architects and Data Engineers: Contrasting Roles. What’s the Difference between a Data Architect, a Data Engineer, a Data Analyst, and a Data Scientist? Twenty years ago, DBA was one of the highest The low end of the range, $46,000, represents analysts hired just out of college, with senior and principal data analysts in the $96,000 range.

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