32 ), ( 97 It’s kind of boxy but also rounded – a funny little fella. 1210 40 ), ( Taco Bell Gets Rid of Potato Bites, Beefy Fritos B... Domino's Introduces $7.99 10-Piece Chicken Wings C... Popeyes Tests New BBQ Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich, Fairlife Reveals New Line of Light Ice Cream, McDonald's Pouring Lemonade Espresso in Poland. 62 ), ( Depending on the store, the pies will vary from $6.49 to $7.49 each. ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( 1191 4 It also didn’t rise in layers as advertised. 86 ), ( ), ( 7 Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Overly bready and carrying a bigger cost, both in terms of dollars and calories, DiGiorno is a brand that is quite frankly overrated. 89 Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ), ( ), ( Getting the pizza from the oven was a sight to behold – IT HAS RISEN! ), ( 82 21 That’s not the case with the Croissant Crust. 70 ), ( ), ( 3 102 ), ( 106 ), ( Chipotle to Test New Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Ric... El Pollo Loco Adds Vegan Taco and Burrito Options. 1183 TGI Fridays Welcomes New Stout Irish Cream Cake wi... Nestle Reveals New Pure Life Fruity Water, Review: DiGiorno - Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza. During quarantine I’ve had the opportunity to revisit frozen pizza in a way that I never thought possible. Soft and buttery on the inside with a gentle bouncy chew that gives way to slightly flaky and crispy crust. ), ( 121 ), ( ), ( 2 There is definitely a lower amount of sauce and toppings on this pizza, but to be quite honest the croissant crust more than makes up for it. Looking at the uncooked dough the layers of buttery pastry are evident and look very different than your average pizza. 13 78 The immediate taste comparison I can draw from the croissant crust is Pillsbury’s Crescent Rolls. ), ( First putting it on the shelf directly caused the pizza to leak onto to bottom of my oven causing smoke in the house. Pulling the pizza out of the box it has a unique shape that meets in the middle of the two usual frozen pizza shapes – circle and square. 46 72 Cape Cod Brings Back Summer Potato Chips to Pair w... Pizza Hut Taiwan Serves Up New Pizza Topped with R... Swiss Miss Reveals New Hot Cocoa with Lucky Charms... Popeyes Cajun Turkey Now Available for 2020 Thanksgiving Pre-Orders, Pizza Hut Releases New Christmas Pizza Topped with Stuffing and Gravy in the UK, Buy One, Get One for $1 Deal Returns to McDonald's. My main qualm with DG in the past has been it being too bread-forward with a sauce that didn’t quite do enough to stand up to it, lacking balance. , I didn’t have the same good luck baking my croissant pizza. Reese's Donuts Return to Krispy Kreme to Vie for a... Free Guacamole with Any Purchase at Del Taco on Ju... Review: Maruchan Gold Soy Sauce Instant Ramen. Lay's Rolls Out New Flavor Icons Potato Chip Colle... Krusteaz Debuts New Energizing Oat Bites Mix, 2020 National French Fry Day Deals and Specials, Coconut-Flavored Coffee Returns to 7-Eleven. ), ( 85 ), ( ), ( It launched with three different toppings: Pepperoni, Three Meat, and Four Cheese. 115 Change ), REVIEW: DiGiorno’s Pepperoni Croissant Crust Pizza. 118 ), ( ), ( I don’t know if it’s from its newfound height or the suddenly glistening impact of the pepperoni, but now that it has been baked it’s commanding my attention in a way no DiGiorno pizza has before.

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