• Giles Fraser is correct to point out the double standard regarding Hindu endorsement of David Cameron and by 101 imams for Lutfur Rahman, the former directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets in London. There are numerous disadvantages of interference of religion in politics. This is because wheat provides more heat than rice and hence preferred in hot regions like the south. The food habits are linked directly to festivals celebrations too. How to Overcome Fear of Death | 7 Practical Methods to Follow, Effects of Procrastination on Relationships, academics and in workplace, Importance of Respect in Life, Relationships and Career, Effects of Urbanization | Its Impact on Environment and Society. Photograph: Nigel Howard/Associated News/Rex, iles Fraser asks whether religious leaders should have the same freedom of political expression as non-religious leaders (. This helps them live within a set of rules unlike the animals. As new writings by Sarah Chayes and others have pointed out, much of the prevailing instability in world affairs – such as the misery of migrants in the Mediterranean and Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – can be attributed to the alienation caused by corruption in parts of Africa and Asia. As has been shown by the cases of Labour ballot fraud in Birmingham, this use of communal leaders to deliver votes can tip over into criminality. Maybe one lawyer got the law wrong. People tend to follow rules for marriage, work, business, death and other aspects of life. Should they have privileged access to some schools, curricula and children? Now you can notice that except in some Buddhist and Hindu cultures, most of them believe in the idea that “Money is everything in life.”. Since these migrants are from certain religion, they tend to target them for votes. Dressing trends change with development and also due to migrations and travel. In the cases where the perpetrators of this misconduct are MPs from the main parties, the foot soldiers wind up in prison but there is no condemnation of the party or its elected representatives. The dangers of mixing politics and religion Letters. Not only are they entitled to issue edicts; their words are taken quite seriously by the faithful, especially when the contest is between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.Randhir Singh BainsGants Hill, Essex, • Giles Fraser is somewhat dismissive of the absolute centrality of probity and incorruptibility to the smooth and honest functioning of societies. Political religion means doing politics based on religion, on a certain belief. Should religious leaders have seats in parliament, where they can inhibit changes in the law, claiming special insight into suffering? • “So is it one rule for Hindus and another for Muslims?” No. Hence, any “religious” instruction issued by Patel in favour of voting for the Tories would have carried no religious weight for voters whatsoever. Both seem to cover the women and avoid unwanted attention. Religion absolves people from personal responsibility, because they can say that God told them to do it. Vote-rigging and corruption are not just “dodgy”, to use Fraser’s term. People of one religion would not be able to socialize well with other religions. But with the invasions by British and Mughals who brought with them Christianity and Islam, changed the food habits. It would be inopportune for me to ask whether one religious leader should have an apparently perpetual column in the UK’s leading liberal newspaper.Jan DubéPeebles, Tweeddale. The same happened in Hackney in 1999 when a Tory/Liberal Democrat electoral scam in the orthodox Jewish community was revealed. Unlike animals, humans have the ability to think. But when other religions come in, these thoughts are changed. Politicians even go to the extent of granting asylum in their countries for votes. • It is not difficult to understand why Trupti Patel’s letter to the Hindus did not violate the law of spiritual influence, but imams’ letter to the Muslims, which resulted in the mayor of Tower Hamlet’s dismissal, did. Religion interferes in politics. Since these migrants are from certain religion, they tend to target them for votes. Some religions have conversion missionaries to convert people of other religions to theirs. In a country where only one religion exists, religion does not disrupt the political affairs. Helps person think beyond worldly existence. Politicians try to use the religious card for political gains. They follow the same culture and pass it on to their children who carry those values and practices forward. Besides them, arts like yoga, meditation are not acceptable to some religions. So when Tories flatter Hindu clerics barely a breath of concern is expressed, but Tower Hamlets First is hauled over the coals for its obsequiousness to Muslim clerics. 5. So based on the above two points by now you can assume there will also be issues on how people see others. This is the end goal of most religious conversions. As per them one has to bath daily, complete his chores, go to place of worship etc. While people of north prefer wheat as they experience more cold temperatures. This is an important question. On the other hand, if such an enormous population opt for non-vegetarian diet, it can have deleterious effect on the environment. For example, in Hinduism, astrology plays a significant role in life. This sounds rubbish, but if you go into details of most religions, they have been misused in the past and are being even now.

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