What you must do Whether you have to show the police your ID or answer any questions depends on the situation. Apply for a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) If you want to emigrate or work abroad, you must apply for police clearance certificate at your nearest South African police station. According to a Rock Hill City Police report, a witness told investigators he saw Quinde-Quisphi getting aggressive with Brandon when she went to Quinde-Quisphi’s home to pick up her children. WBTV also requested an interview with the York County magistrate’s office regarding no-contact orders being broken, but the request was declined. Quinde-Quisphi’s case is pending in court. “And the way the system is set up here in York County, we can go weeks where we don’t have access to a judge.”. My practice includes employment, business and health care law. The solicitor’s office must make a motion to a general sessions judge to have a hearing on the matter. The British Columbia Guidelines for Police Information Checks helps police apply the legislation, policies, procedures and directives governing information checks.. To ensure consistent processing of information checks, the guideline also details the databases police use and describes how information is … That process takes time. “If I have a dangerous situation and I can’t get to a judge in time, then yes, that can be hurtful,” Desch said. There is a no contact order on my husband right now and I just remembered about some automatic email notifications that come to me from his account every month. I have done everything to get a No Contact Order dropped and this happened July 9th. A trial date has not yet been set, according to the Solicitor’s Office. According to court documents, Brandon’s then-boyfriend Jefferson Quinde-Quisphi was arrested on June 7, 2017 for allegedly punching Brandon in the face while in front of her children. Before I respond to your inquiry, I must … Because of the lag time in getting to a hearing after a no-contact-order is violated and the obstacles in getting a more powerful order, she finds that victims stop reporting the violations all together. However, court records of her abusive relationship started a few months prior to her death. This doesn't mean the court won't find out, however. You may be able to ask that the order be dismissed if you do not want it, but it is up to the judge to decide. Within the next 120 days, CBP projects border crossings by unaccompanied minors to increase by 50%, according to the court declaration. The police said there was no evidence of assault but since there was a witness the state picked it up. Desch says even though the no-contact orders are sometimes broken, she is still a firm-believer in having them issued after an allegation of domestic violence. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday. A criminal no contact order states that the defendant cannot have any contact with you while the criminal case is ongoing. Under a no-contact order, the defendant is ordered to stay away from the victim, whether that be in person or through other forms of communication, like texting or by mail. • No-contact orders can be put in place at all stages of the criminal justice process, from the time charges are laid until the accused has served his or her complete sentence. She says no-contact orders are not immediately arrestable. The U.S. Department of Justice says the prison sentence handed down to 34-year-old Douglas Matthew Gurkins is followed by three years of supervised release. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. In Brandon’s case, it is unclear if she attempted to get anything more than a no-contact order issued against Quinde-Quisphi. If there was an arrest that led to the Order, or if finger-prints were taken in conjunction with the issuance of the Order, then the Order was entered into the state's criminal records data-base and it will turn up if the police run the name or other identifying info. An extreme example of this kind of violation is the story of Marandy “Jade” Brandon. (WBTV) - No-contact-orders are issued to protect a victim of domestic violence, but often they are broken. Because of that potential delay in having a defendant’s bond revoked, she urges victims to get an order that would warrant an immediate arrest if violated. According to warrants and a Rock Hill City Police report, Quinde-Quisphi is accused of stabbing Brandon multiple times in her chest and back with a stainless steel knife until she died. Partially because a victim must to go through several more steps to get one. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. However, her husband, Luis Moreno, testified in Quinde-Quisphi’s bond hearing last year, that more violations had occurred than what were reported. Quinde-Quisphi has only been charged with Brandon’s murder, not convicted. Victim’s Advocate Katherine Zanowski says situations can also get muddy when the victim contacts the defendant when a no-contact order is in place. The victim’s advocate then notifies the solicitor’s office. If the person who is protected by the no contact order is contacted by the restrained person, the protected person might contact the police. A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station - © 2002-2020 Gray Television, Inc. Many people use the terms “no-contact order” and “restraining order” interchangeably, but they are actually a bit different. If they contacted you online, bring your evidence and no-contact order to the police station. One week later, he’s accused of violating that no-contact-order again. However, some police officers including detectives do not wear a uniform (they wear plain clothes).

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