This means that the boards will have the wane or bark attached to one or two edges. 01793 853 281 Prime oak is the cream of the crop. Please only visit our sites if you are a trade customer and you have made an appointment. The boards will yield plenty of clear cutting but may include a few pin knots and the odd knots up to 40mm diameter. First grade English oak . The boards will yield plenty of clear cutting but may include a few pin knots and the odd knots up to 40mm diameter. In the most extreme cases the burr patches may span the entire width of the board. In rare cases the boards can be solid brown and pippy at the same time. For cladding, beams, plank and flooring we can take orders by phone and email as usual. During the cutting process we divide the oak into a number of grades according to colour, knot content, and cutting format. It is rare that logs open up and meet this grade but when they do, they are something to behold. Green Oak Board Standard Section Sizes. The majority of our oak is produced as waney-edge boards (WE), otherwise known as ‘log sawn’ (LS) or ‘Through and Through’ (T/T). When we are grading our English oak, anything that does not make Prime, First or Pippy falls in to the Character grade. This site uses cookies to provide you with a great experience. Within our Brown oak stocks, most boards will be streaky, referred to as ‘Tiger brown’, while the most valuable will be a solid brown colour. ‘Character grade’ is a fairly loose term that can describe a wide range qualities. Try our new search tool to find the best of our sawn plank. Boards in this grade will include a distribution of pips, cat’s paws and small burrs across at least two thirds of each board. From experience, we know that cutting during these colder and wetter months reduces the chance of surface splitting (checking), a problem caused by rapid drying. From 5th November our showroom at Wootton Bassett is closed for four weeks. The highest quality that we have to offer. To avoid disappointment please make an appointment before arriving at either yard to select sawn timber. Wise words there, from our MD, Tom Barnes. Character grade English oak Larger knots and defects are measured out. The fungus affects standing oak trees by staining the wood a wonderful chocolate brown colour. For this reason we are often led by the customer, and grade accordingly. Once cut, we air-dry the planks according to the time-honoured rule of one year per inch of thickness (27mm). Its strength, resistance to decay and sheer versatility has made sure it is engrained in our national heritage. Click on our menu to browse products and inspiration or select 'Style Finder' and we'll help you find your perfect floor. Our Green Oak Boards (Fresh Sawn) are available in the following standard section sizes: 120mm x 30mm; 130mm x 30mm; 140mm x 30mm; 160mm x 30mm; 180mm x 30mm; 200mm x 30mm; We also custom cut and P.A.R (Planed All Round) the following Oak Boards: Kiln-Dried European Oak (First) Kiln-Dried European Oak (Character) Thicknesses from 20mm up to 54mm tend to be cut through the log producing crown, rift and quarter sawn boards. ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that English oak is not available. We firmly believe that the only way to protect our remaining forests is to ensure they have a value. On close inspection, these boards will also include small black flecks (medullary rays) which travel from the heart to the outside of the tree. Deliveries will be limited to sites with easy access and forklift offload or a minimum of two people on site for manual offload. The grain and the colour is reasonably even and consistent. The original long, very wide planks were hand selected from nature grade boards with the intention of mixing grains to provide additional character. We may also separate particularly large or long logs. These grand, striking planks are full of intricate graining detail and charm. Any isolated defects are measured out. Yes, it’s a slow process, but reassuringly so. Pictured above: English Character Oak RKP8115.

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