The canonical reference for learning conformal field theory is the excellent review by Ginsparg. The goal of this seminar is to understand various aspects of I am live-TeXing notes for this seminar, available here. Please email me at hliu at math dot columbia dot edu if you would like to be on the mailing list. Phys. In two dimensions, there is an infinite-dimensional algebra of local conformal transformations, and conformal field theories can sometimes be exactly solved or classified. %PDF-1.3 Liouville theory. (S20) Things I should know about category O but I don't, (S19) Learning seminar on symplectic duality, (F17) Student enumerative geometry seminar, Infinite Conformal Symmetry in Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory, (F19) Learning seminar on conformal field theory. x���n$Gr���)j}�4�]�>�WZyeȀ+����|���ph ��Ѭ�ra�ˏ���������!� u1�q�#22*K?U�T?U�Y5m�޶�þ�����pY5}����z��fY�6�z��7}uy[���j��7�����E�jQ/�y�C��z��Ǧ��]T?Oe�Cy��k4����o���ռ^����P#�ƚ��\��)�ݖ��=lg�w�/����P5�[KW�(��ڇW�K����4�X�?����x)�-��b�V�WU����2tϮ�՚?�v��kMyʻ|�z�H��8z�� H�� �?��73�!�2&IF�z��{�_ŀ��(LD��Й���Ү�r��Lzu/ ���>X << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> following sources: We will spend some time on (Virasoro) minimal models and The application to string theory was explained by Friedan, Martinec and Shenker in “Conformal Invariance, Supersymmetry and String Theory”, Nucl. %��������� stream An Introduction to Conformal Field Theory Jean-Bernard Zuber CEA, Service de Physique Th´eorique F-91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France Notes taken by Pawel Wegrzyn 1. theory, (mainly?) It was first introduced in the context of string theory by A. Polyakov in 1981 in order to understand the summation over all Riemannian metric tensors in two dimensions. Title: Lectures on Conformal Field Theory. (��==��at����L�[���)�����]N�P��v 2��S��9�`�h|�� fD2� ֤�7�1JA�Ĝ��X��=~�^�KD=��>�0��W]��1�pEn�Z��u �������_�V�73����&��e�D̒A:�|�3 o�����:���H�~ap��%O�:6�ueP[;���fRIR#�ۃ"���I��c�����ˎ:��{�)�k�ƪZ�ۺ[����M5�|�yMMnh�H1���L�Ԁ�K܁(ʦ,��EJ ��P�Ҹ�{�|3��Y�����z�v����ˍ��/0��@{�3�����2�~Q��ҋ�I����^����g!��w�u�w��Rd�k���wk��4M �e�q���6��2�2 ���b����\����޶�rS�r���gvG�;��=�}*v߂�-H0�w������ϟc��֛���/�.E�3;G/(�=V@�. Later we may go through topics including W-algebras, the AGT A link can be found on the course webpage. Field Theory”, Nucl. B241 (1984). Conformal Field Theory 5 Finally, we should mention that a number of treatments of conformal field theory are by now available, in particular the review articles of Ginsparg [36] and Gawedzki [37], and the book by Di Francesco, Mathieu and S´en´echal [38]. For instance: for a lot of conformal field theory you only care about the representation theory of the Hilbert space -- you don't even need to know the action S of the theory! The initial plan is to start with some foundations, from the Phys. The things that you have to learn to understand two-dimensional conformal field theories are not "the same things" that you already learned for a generic quantum field theory in a generic flat space (such as a four-dimensional one). 4 0 obj 2.1. Introduction to Conformal Field Theory Antonin Rovai Contents Foreword 2 Introduction 3 1. ���]�;؛�?�sFh��ax5*�ǘve��f����^�^v�CE��nW��#?C�e� ��'���WaɅ��̹\Ջ�9��d�m0�Q�UiJ 'e�l�k�0ti��q�#�X_����1׍Ƕk�E��V�E�m~��O�{�_)u�Y��pۭ����V.6!`F8�����4] �7� 3�/0l$��o̊�6=���8s1�G����Ǧ���_6rV����^�l>�m���:���X�Ў�O{Y�-��ct�x�� �c�o�E����Z{�G��+�����M�B��gG��������n�Q�����t���k�n *j��͢�ư����(i�5��}�r#�9���`Y�V��ټY�/�1���&(,:��{���W����*Գ��e�CE-g�жil��"�3�}�d�>``>�"���b�X �uD#�@�B�� p4oO��.�������u�>�{�p����6v5�� ����;Ћv��=�zۃ��/�E��k�Ӈ�;i��9�?D;�[3���Gө���5sZׯN������������z�A��8S

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