Fast forward to the late 2000’s. The Swiss Micros DM42 is a semi-faithful clone of the HP-42S, an RPN calculator HP sold from 1987-1995. .and for a price that is less than a decent, used HP-42S. The screen is big and sharp. During my research of the prior weeks, I also heard about a small company named Swiss Micros who makes some clones of a few of the classic HP calculators. 94% Upvoted. . I use it almost every day, at the very least for a quick conversion or calculation. I’ve had the calculator now for a bit less than a year and I’ve not had to replace the battery. save. Unauthorized use and/or unauthorized distribution for commercial purposes without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. I also recommend the Alternative HP-42S/Free42 Manual, written by José Lauro Strapasson and Russ Jones; you can get it here, in PDF and Word formats. Technically I think I am classified as an Electrical Engineer. OFFIMG example Yokohama bay, JAPAN "Behind the Great Wave at Kanagawa", Katsushika Hokusai "Tama River in Musashi Province", Katsushika Hokusai. HP42S V.S. As I mentioned, I also found Free42 for my phone around this time and was blown away about 1) how powerful and relatively easy to use an almost 30 year old calculator is and 2) how much time was put into Free42 to make it as good and faithful as it is. You can see the actual key strokes entered as opposed to the 12c/15c style address. The x coordinates are entered first. The calculator can be powered over USB, and it also gets a speed boost when connected to USB power. Up to five configurable lines can be displayed at once, giving you the full stack and Last X or Alpha register all at once. This was really cool because Free42 is a faithful recreation of the HP-42S, which means you can run any program written for it on Free42. Comment Report abuse. Ability to save and restore the full calculator state. I’ve been to graduate school, never having bought another calculator, and done a post doc as well. There are two font choices, several sizes available (configurable on a line by line basis), and several stack layouts to choose from. “RPN is weird,” I think. Heron's Formula vs Area by Vertices There are several ways to determine the area of a triangle. | flickr The DM42 - a high precision HP42s clone by swissmicros is now in beta-testing phase . Read more. Michael at Swiss Micros helped me out. factor = constant depending on the … It is more of a log of a journey than a review. Lastly, you can import and export programs by mounting of the calculator as a USB drive. And why would I spend a decent amount of cash on a physical calculator based on a 30-year old design and not buy a much cheaper and more capable modern design? This isn’t a review about the 35s but if you are looking to spend < $50 on a programmable RPN calculator, it isn’t too bad. A ‘Research AST’ is my title, which is short for AeroSpace Technologist. In addition to the niceness of the screen while on, when off, the calculator goes into a super low power mode where the screen can still display an image (like eink). TI-84 Plus CE: Lorenz Curves and the Gini Coeffic... TI-84 Plus CE and HP 41C: Method of Successive Su... Jason's Land Surveying and HP Calculator Blog, Solution to Sphere Problem (Problem # 433). Discussion about the new DM41X calculator. So first, why the heck do I even need a calculator? Helpful. Sort by. I’m a physicist by training. The DM42 is a wonderful device. I do some research and see that HP still sells the HP 35s and the HP 50g, along with some business calculators. NoisyBoy Posts: 12 Joined: Thu Jun 25, 2020 5:49 am. This is useful for testing purposes and backing up work. The DM42 - a high precision HP42s clone by swissmicros is now in beta-testing phase. While I would personally spend extra money to upgrade that aspect of the DM42, it should not be a deterrent. ABC2XY - … HP 42S/DM42/Free42:  Drawing Lines and Circles. report. I remember one of my class mates had a weird-ass HP graphing calculator that I could never figure out how to work. It’s still better than the other options. Highly recommended. I’m very impressed and thankful that there are ‘crazy’ people like Swiss Micros and Thomas Okken (author of Free42) who have spent considerable energy scratching an itch. Not actually a functional program; just contains all the HP-42S instructions with all legal types of arguments. The DM42 has a few features that the HP-42S and/or Free42 do not have: In general, programming on the DM42 is similar to on the 35s and other more modern RPN calculators, and almost exactly the same as on Free42. “Man, I wish I could buy an HP-42S still.”, The 50g is a large graphing calculator and is completely overkill for what I need. There are several flags that can affect how the command operates, that is beyond the scope of this blog entry. I ran the selected images through another mini-project of mine that I coded up, an implementation of Atkinson dithering, which reminds me fondly of playing with a classic Mac as a kid. One person found this helpful. Incidentally, this was around the time I started using, The 12c is a newer Platinum model. The final product was released on the 9 December 2017. I still mostly am using my phone as a calculator, far more than is reasonable. Ability to import and export programs, inherited from. Mine … In May 2017, SwissMicros released pre-production samples of an RPN calculator closely resembling the HP-42S, the DM42.

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