History. That how the IT’S-IT Ice Cream Sandwich was born and got its unforgettable name, being sold in droves exclusively in San Francisco’s own legendary Playland-at-the-Beach for over four decades. The Bay Area's favorite ice cream sandwich, now available all over California and most western states, was born next to Ocean Beach in 1928 and for almost 50 years you could only get it … Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the fourth major version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google.Unveiled on October 19, 2011, Android 4.0 builds upon the significant changes … He introduced it to the city with a guerrilla marketing … When Playland was demolished in the early 1970s, IT’S-IT sandwiches … While ice cream sandwiches have been sold in New York City since the 1890s, New York lawyer Richard LaMotta created the Chipwich in 1978.

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