Supplied with 11-1/2 foot long anti-static hose that is flexible and kink-resistant and will minimize shock hazards as well as reduce static cling. Then a Makita right angle driver. This is a great machine if you are looking for a portable and efficient machine. Pure Marxism! I just ordered the CXS after a couple years of agonizing over whether I wanted to invest in still another battery platform, but that 90% adapter finally hypnotized my brain now I have 12 and 18v Milwaukee, 18v Fein, 18v Festool, and now the 10.8v. Fein Turbo II has a higher capacity of 8.4 gallons. In this review, we have evaluated five of the best dust extractor in the industry and performed a thorough analysis between Festool vs. Fein vs. Dewalt vs. Bosch vs. Makita. The Makita VC2012L is probably the most well-thought-out dust extractor we've looked at. It has unique and high-powered suction and air flow capabilities. Powerful 12 AMP motor generates 135 CFM of suction power and 92"" of water lift to take on the most challenging applications, Motor chamber constructed of quality sound-absorbing materials resulting in a quiet operating sound level of 59 dB(A). Conclusion: It is a great machine which can allow you to work in any position and is also compatible with a wide range of other products by Festool. the track saw seems to be 1. the wood whisperer recently replaced his Kapex with a Bosch glide. Does that extra .00000001 or whatever matter? There are no attachments provided with the machine. Performance . Capacity . It can be used for shop, garage or any work site. It does not allow you to clean a liquid mess. By DamianD, December 12, 2014 in Power ... Dewalt makes a really good one as does Bosch and Makita. track saw, new trim/plunge router, pin nailer, etc. Its noise is less than an average vacuum cleaner. Maybe in various reviews, the Festool will test a bit higher. That is my experience as well. Both of these models use HEPA-grade filters to capture at least 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 µm. Saw as needed. THE PRICE IS 70% HIGHER FOR FESTOOL TS 55; TRACK AND 118" RAIL IS $975 FESTOOL, AND $570 MAKITA/118". Powerful 15 Amp motor delivers 130 CFM of airflow for maximum suction, Automatic Filter Clean pulses every 30 seconds for continuous operations, Power Tool Actuation controls the On/Off operations of the vacuum with a power tool, Lightweight and portable weighing in at only 27 lbs; 15' Anti Static Hose, It has an automatic filter cleaning system which pulses every 30 seconds, It has telescoping handles which make it easy to move around, AUTO CLEANING: With automatic filter cleaning, the Bosch VAC090AH dust extractor cleans the filter every 15 seconds to help maintain maximum suction power, PERFORMANCE: The included HEPA filter caputres 99.97 percent of particles at 0.3 microns or larger while the included fleece filter bag helps to protect the filter and provides the optimal containment of dry dust and debris, OSHA COMPLIANT: Featuring Bosch PRO+GUARD, an end to end dust collection system to help users move toward OSHA Silica Table 1 dust compliance, POWER: With strong airflow and suction power, the Bosch VAC090AH dust extractor delivers a maximum 150 cubic feet of air per minute rate (CFM), with a sustainable maximum 97 in. Festool makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material on this website or about the results to be obtained from using the website. 1000 W. Flexibility . I use the 18v hammerdrill, 1 1/8" rotary drill/hammer, 6 1/2" steel cutting circular saw, grinder, right angle impact driller, original impact, new hydraulic impact, blower, trimmer, and 3/8" drive impact...and the led lights. Comparison table & TOP5. Sounds like you're set with answers about Makita, but I'll add my 2 cents. The content contained on this site is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. static water lift, COMPATIBLE: With power tool activations users can utilize power tool's switch to turn vacuum on and off; The Power Broker dial will match the suction force to application, It has automatic filter cleaning which is able to maintain maximum suction power, It is equipped with wet vacuuming and automatically shuts down if the maximum level of water is reached. I am happy with both...but I if I had to pick between Tom he two...probably Dewalt. Kapex KS 120 w/UG Cart and Extensions • CXS Set • T 18+3 w/Centrotec Installer's Set • PDC 18/4 • TID 18 • TS 75 • TSC 55 • HKC 55 w/250, 420 and 670 FSK rails • Carvex 420 w/Accessory Kit • Domino 500 Set • Domino 700 XL • OF 2200 w/Base Accessory Kit • OF 1400 • OF 1010 • MFK 700 EQ Set • LR 32 • MFS 400 w/2000, 1000, and 700 extensions • Rotex 90 • Rotex 150 • LS 130 • ETS-EC 150/5 • ETS-EC 150/3 • Pro 5 LTD • RTS 400 • RAS 115.04 • RS 2 • HL 850 • Vecturo OS 400 • AGC 18-115 • CT 26 w/BT module • CT Sys w/Long-Life Bag • MFT/3 • STM 1800. Have  metabo cordless  for some time now. Depends on what cordless tools you think you might be wanting in the future. detailed parameters . Festool USA does not pre-approve the contents of this website nor endorse the application or use of any Festool product in any way other than in the manner described in the Festool Instruction Manual. Cleaning the filters from dust accumulation is not very easy. Wybór między zagłębiarką Festool TS 55 REBQ- Plus a zagłębiarką Makita SP6000J nie jest prosty, gdyż narzędzia odznaczają się podobnymi parametrami. Find yours and read our buyer's guide.

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