The product includes the following variables. I was not interested in doing this project on Marketing Management. So, that less time is taken to store the product to the consumer & easily available also. 0000067924 00000 n Cadbury India Ltd. began its operation way back in 1948 by importing chocolates. Content of the Project should be handwritten The project should be handwritten and not typed and printed. ����q����u�k���[� ������w����|�~O�G��s���ZȅF������W���D #�f_�6r��nhFτ�w �P�w�-�� o1߀g�x'ލ��}�>��t�?3 �M�#���ҕ0�9�^4- classified into four categories popularly known as four Ps of marketing – product, price, place and promotion. Distribution marketing channels are available for distribution. She has taken properly in completing her project. endobj ?ڍ�!����+�4���jԀ@����Ң �M�"/�A��A�s�a�>�����h�P�6��QE�3�uh[�8��B�� ��D(O&8Oޙ>�,(�~+��Gc_�M��'H���}�r���%�A� =�7�ϐ�Z����M�@c�Q�k\��h���(Z w=�-�t�l�O�%��0�mh�x �&E���Q �E7�6�݄��F\̈�`z|�ah}}I��uF��)�݃� l��Ρ`.Ï�Cp���½k�Ck�F��{O���8.���B,�-�C��o'��Dgpn§���~.��Jg�M�?��(5� This is to certify that Ms. of class XII-     of the   New Delhi, has completed her project file under my guidance. These days, marketing has been used not only as a business strategy but also as a business tactics Mars operates in six business segments in the US. He is currently learning Management Studies and is in the Second Year, Made With ♥ By A Person Who Understands Your Pain, Marketing Management Project for Class 12th on Chocolate. Its a Business Studies Class XII Project based on CBSE guidelines. Project ONE: ELEMENTS OF BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 1. First of all, my Chocolate will be packed in a plastic wrapper of good quality, then 10, 20, or 100 units of that it remains first fresh and healthy. 0 Not only within the national boundary, the scope of marketing has been spreading outside the national boundary. 0000037699 00000 n Physical distribution is the delivery of goods at the right time and the right place to consumers. of a product to the target customer and pursued them to buy it. <> �E��MT ��1\��.T�N nCQ�mN��E�����$(���V����ں�^��taZ��݂� Y�Q��=w����ZA��kj��c�>�Q[bݩ�������#. and the necessary decision regarding the four P’s of marketing. We can easily purchase chocolate from our nearly shopping stores. 0000001964 00000 n Business – Increase the width of chocolate consumption through low price point packs and distribution focuses. <> So, I would like to thank our Business studies teacher for giving this project to me. First of all, my product will be kept in the warehouse. Maintain leadership through a superior marketing mix. Sometimes by looking at the packaging, the customer tries to access the product quality. Marketing Management involves the following activities. Style, shape, design, color quality, and physical features of a product. Ferrero India was the 3rd biggest chocolate Brand in 2014. I chose chocolate as my product because, in today’s life, from an old person to a 2-year-old child, every person is in love with the taste of these flavored chocolates. It is easy to buy. 0000038379 00000 n Types of intermediates available for distribution. It made my concepts more clear, enhanced my knowledge, and helped me realize the importance of it. 0000068213 00000 n Hello there! For transportation, it is very compulsory to keep our product in a cardboard base so that it remains to save as it is produced. Price mix includes the following variables –. ] 19+ Creative Real Estate Marketing Plans; 19+ Marketing Plans for Bakery Business Examples; Just like a real estate agent marketing plan, any kind of marketing project plan can help you present the specific activities and processes for development that will occur within all the marketing project stages which is a great way to make your desired audience more involved and enthusiastic. 0000037273 00000 n endobj download 1 file . Marketing Mix Marketing Mix is a set of marketing tools that a firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in a target market. 0000001288 00000 n The data used in the project has been download by me from the website of the company, and therefore, I take it to be authentic and reliable. Mrs.                                                                                                                                                             Signature: By doing this project, I realized that the importance of marketing in our country and its concept is very clear to me about how to make a product, what its price should be, what promotional activities to be used, and the price of the product. Scanned by CamScanner 2. 53 0 obj <>stream SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download. (]{����g�1�^�'��5>�?��_`b� 7�I�DH��2�ԓp-%�pu�.�(�4$�ɻ���3�L���5K�6���9�R�v�m��=�[���r˸��+2��T6[�\�GvD���\&o�/�o��J�V�A[���(��/"{�����,ȅ����ـ1�Ŭd�e��[�/0n��enbV��d&�1�x9�=���d���Q"�'ɟX�E>�!�����L 2�����t�oP%قO�טۙ��?B��^|��K�Anv��Y���!���&�5��ܷ�&��3�z��8� �3�b���/�;��w��xOe}令�;����A$���8�0>�5P+A4x�����BMt�8@L��\ ��eg�2�AK�ڈ޹��B7�� +z���ԋTcs�q;�Ϟ` %���� While the trade and distribution in western countries is mostly organized, in India, retail outlets like paan shops and Kirana outlet accounts for the bulk of the sales and organized trade still has only an insignificant share in overall confectionery sales. Introduction Of Coca Cola 5. In this process, Amul became the largest food brand in India and has ventured into the market overseas. /Contents 70 0 R Business Studies Class 12th Marketing management Project- Fruit Juice 1 Marketing management pdf class 12. Some people, when they are sad or depressed, experience a craving for chocolate. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. USP – Mars bar has one of the biggest success stories in the confection industry. Changes witnessed over the last few years on mode of packaging and it’s economic ... At this stage the students will realise the importance of the concept of marketing mix . 0000001256 00000 n Headquartered in Mclean, the company is entirely owned by the Mars family. Promotion of products and services includes activities that communicate availability features, merits, etc. 792 0000001028 00000 n Category: Marketing » Marketing Management created 4 year(s) ago - updated 4 year(s) ago by Pramit Singh 0 comments, 2119 views JUiCY Fruit Gum, the oldest brand of the Wm. startxref Neat and legible Handwriting ... Project on biscuits,business studies project work, 12 class business project ... Ravi Singh. Parking plays an important role in determining customers’ attractive to the product. Build critical mass in the sugar business by introducing value-added sugar confectionery products. Choko-rich bay is a unique combination of dark chocolate and white chocolate filled with nuts in the center. It is a common perception that chocolate is a mood elevator. Class 12 Marketing All Units 2017 CBSE ( 783 ) NOTES / TEXTBOOK by Lovell Menezes. Scanned by CamScanner 9. Transportation is important because unless the good is physically made available. Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative, based at Anand in the state of Gujarat, India. }�#�+� /Parent 50 0 R 0000082005 00000 n called channels of Distribution Channel of Distribution are a set of firm and individual that takes the little or assist in transferring little too particular good or service as it moves producer to customer. Marketing Mix is a set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in a target market. Ferrero Rocher is an Italian food and beverage company founded in 1946, By Michele Ferrero. It is the first element in the marketing mix. P)���i���.�݊zѽ�/��>t��z��}@X�5�O_\w'����a�2~ �������"夊L �Rr'\�3�]�)��,d����2ǘ�YIJl�+�k2��{Z���J��*�׳��������7�Z��s��V�n( �U�Ix Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world, and a vast number of foodstuffs involving chocolate have been created, particularly desserts, including cakes, pudding, chocolate chip cookies, etc. The variables or elements of the marketing mix have been classified into four categories, popularly known as four P’s of marketing viz., Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. CONTENTS 1. As younger children are traditionally the key consumer group for confectionery. I have found that warehousing is important to create time utility in the product. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Nestle’s relationship with India started in 1912. download 1 file . I am very thankful to my business studies teacher Ms. Deepa Saryal who helped in analyzing the application of Marketing Management. It has been traded internationally for centuries, mostly from the underdeveloped to the developed world. Sales cannot be completed.

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