shake the bag well to coat the chicken pieces evenly. Season the meat with salt and pepper. No need to tie up the meat before cooking to hold the stuffing; the tunnel-boned cavity keeps it all neatly in place. An old favourite of mine and one the family still loves. They are my essential dishes – those that will always be in my repertoire. Classic, rich and deep in flavour. Wowwee, delicious! The classic ‘upside down’ French tart, usually served warm as a pudding. Add … Baking two small cakes is perfect when making for school fetes, etc. Season and fry on a high heat, try not to over cook the chicken. While one goes out the door never to be tasted or seen again, the other can stay at home to please the family! An Italian classic, but now a classic here too! From beef stroganoff to brownies: Mary Berry’s Classic recipes Many butchers and supermarkets sell part-boned legs of lamb, which saves on the cooking time. To make an apple version, use the same quantity of peeled, chopped and cored Bramley apples. Method. This is a great cake: it will become your go-to recipe for all the traybakes needed for fetes, coffee mornings, friends moving house, etc. These lovely well-risen, light-textured moist cakes are perfect for when the bananas are over-ripe in the fruit bowl and no one is keen on eating them! Velvety smooth, light and chocolatey, this mousse in these chocolate truffle pots recipe is divine. Quiche, tart – all the same, and all with a thin layer of pastry and an abundant filling. Although it looks a long cooking time, this can be prepared in easy stages: cooking the base first and leaving to cool, and then filling later. The seeds and sugar topping adds crunch and nuttiness. Sometimes called marble cake, this cake recipe is the perfect slice to go with a cuppa. Dredge chicken in seasoned flour to coat. Season the meat with salt and pepper. STEP 2. I have so enjoyed putting the recipes together, becoming reacquainted with old favourites from the past and discovering ways of rejuvenating them for a new generation. Good crackling is all about the preparation before it goes into the oven: the oil will crisp the skin and the salt draws out extra moisture, drying it out and, of course, adding flavour. cut the chicken breasts into pieces, add them to a bag together with the garlic granules, paprika, salt, and pepper. I have taken the crackling off the joint and cut it into strips to get it very crisp. Then add honey to add flavour to the chicken. Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 600 g diced chicken thigh (or breast – see note) Small knob of butter 1 onion diced 100 g chestnut mushrooms sliced 2 cloves garlic grated or crushed 3 teaspoons smoked paprika Salt and black pepper to taste 150 ml sour … Use a whisky cream liqueur or any chocolate or coffee cream liqueur of your choice. As well as Mary’s introduction the book contains more than 100 all-new recipes, with Mary’s crucial tips for each one. Loin pork is a delicious, moist cut and easy to carve. The recipes in this collection lie at the very heart of my cooking. I’ve also included cooking and chilling times to give you an idea of how long a dish is likely to take. I made it as part of a tennis tea and it was welcomed with lots of complimentary oohs and ahhs! Pork fillet is quick to cook, unlike some other cuts of pork. Stir fry really briskly until brown, if cooked really fast there should be no juices, but take care not to overcook. Check halfway through cooking and if a little dry, add more stock. Also good served warm as a dessert with custard. All Rights Reserved. Serve at once, garnished with parsley with herby mashed potato and green salad. heat up a grill pan or a simple frying pan, add a bit of oil, and cook the chicken pieces for 5-6 … I do hope you’ll enjoy them, too, and add them to your repertoire – maybe even start building up your own classic collection. Cut into thin strips on the slant about 1cmx6cm ½in x 2½in. Sprinkle in paprika, stir in the mushrooms, turn up the heat and toss for a minute, add meat to the pan with the cream, allow to just bubble to heat through, add lemon juice and seasoning and serve hot. The all-in-one method makes it one of the simplest cakes to make, but it looks really impressive. Remove any membrane from the pork fillet and discard. These don’t contain flour so are perfect for anyone who can’t tolerate gluten. Full of calories and no apologies! Try My favourite crumble when the trees are laden with fruits. Mix … Step 1) Start by cutting the chicken breasts into thin strips, this will help the chicken to fry quicker. This recipe is a great British classic. Classic, published by BBC Books on 25th January, price £26. The truffle on the top gives an extra crunch – buy them if you would rather not make them! Using dried lasagne sheets, I like to leave the assembled lasagne for about 2 hours to soften before cooking. The gooiest of brownies, moist and soft, and ideal as a decadent dessert to serve with ice cream. In a medium bowl combine the soup, half-and-half, dry onion soup mix, parsley, garlic, mushrooms, nutmeg and browning sauce.

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