Translation of 'My Pace' by Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈) from English, Korean to English useuwo naega useuwo naega bigyo ttawin haji ma "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)" lyrics. So funny, so funny I don’t know how I’ll be at the finish line I’ll deal with the worries at the next crossroads I don’t know Everyone else with a mic had it down, Hello, I think Hyunjin’s part “왜 일까, 왜 일까” is supposed to be “왜 일까나, 왜 일까요”. 앞서간다고 먼저 가는 건 아냐 baby You ready, let’s go, Nananananana Stray Kids - My Pace vocab list pt.2. ). wae ilkka na wae ilkka uh Put down your impatience Nananananana IN生 . Just keep looking forward, I still don’t know where my destination is dareudago in changbins rap . gomineun daeum gallimgireseo 쳐다 = to look. 옆을 보게 되잖아 But only greed fills up my empty glass, No need to rush, my pace 그리고 = and. Color coded Lyrics But I should do something, what if I’m the only one who’s behind? 앞만 보고 달려가, 난 아직 나의 목적지가 어디인지는 몰라 그냥 넌 지금 너의 길을 가면 돼, 인정하기 싫지만 itjima my speed, my lane, my pace, [BC/WJ] jogeubhal piryo eopseo my pace Stray Kids Lyrics "My Pace" [Romanized:] Nananananana A ige aninde Nananananana Geurae igeoji let’s go Nananananana Jyaecheoreom dwego shipeo bureowo yes I’m bureowo yes I’m Banebanirado dalmasseumyeon nan jogesseo Useuwo naega useuwo naega Nugungawa nal bigyohandaneun ge neomu useuwo Haji ma haji ma Geureon bigyo ttawin uimi eopjana Geureoji ma … apman bogo dallyeoga woops, I’m 100.1% sure the nanannanas in the breakdowns are only CHANGBIN & HAN. 남 = man. Just stay in my lane bigyo ttawin haji ma requests open // about + read before requesting . 자꾸 보게 돼 나도 모르게, 모르고 고르는 선택의 연속 이거라도 뭐라도 아 근데, 또 남을 쳐다봐 그리고 나를 봐 Thanks to LiveYourLife, shadyfan for correcting these lyrics. Don’t do that, stop it now Seems like they’re all better than me 1. my pace : STRAY KIDS. geubhan mam naeryeonwa geureon bigyo ttawin uimi eopjana a geunde, tto nameul chyeodabwa geurigo nareul bwa 앞만 보고 달려가 왜 일까 na 왜 일까 uh [방찬/우진] 천천히 달려도 괜찮아 But I keep looking next to me 모습일지 몰라 I want to know, 하지만 일단 내 앞에 길을 달려 A correct option would be “Why is that? If you look at the showcase performance, during the last nananannas you can see only han and changbin have their mics to their mouths. I could be wrong I’m just putting it out there . 뭔가 나보다 하나씩은 더 잘난 것 같아 burangami gyesok nareul joreugeodeun 나의 길을 따라 my lane naye gireul ttara my lane nugungawa nal bigyohandaneun ge neomu useuwo, haji ma haji ma Why?” is perfectly fine as well. Untuk Melihat Detail Lagu Stray Kids My Pace Skz2020 Colorcodedlyrics Han Rom Eng Klik Tombol DOWNLOAD MP3.Download Lagu Stray Kids "MY PACE" SKZ2020 colorcodedlyrics Han-Rom-Eng, Mp3, Video 3gp & Mp4.List Download Lagu MP3 Stray Kids My Pace Skz2020 Colorcodedlyrics … apman bogo dallyeoga, nan ajik naye mokjeokjiga eodiinjineun molla Not the whole group. geunyang neon jigeum neoye gireul gamyeon dwae, injeonghagi shilchiman Nananananana, 쟤처럼 되고 싶어 부러워 yes I’m 부러워 yes I’m I want to be like him, I’m jealous Yes I’m, jealous Yes I’m, If I was even half of half as him I’d be happy, Comparing myself with someone, it’s funny, Going ahead doesn’t mean you’re going to get there first, Baby, I look at others and then I look at myself, They seem to be better than me by at least a thing, I have to keep choosing though I don’t know, this or that, Should I try it am I falling behind, the anxiety is killing me, Though I say that but I have my desire full in my empty glass, I don’t know how I’d look like at the finish line, I want to know, But for now I run on the road ahead of me. It’s so funny how I compare myself with others, Stop it, stop it 나 = me. It’s alright to go slowly 비교 따윈 하지 마 Nananananana 누군가와 날 비교한다는 게 너무 우스워, 하지 마 하지 마 apseogandago meonjeo ganeun geon anya baby You ready, let’s go, I wanna be like him, I’m jealous, yes I’m jealous, yes I’m Don’t forget, my speed, my lane, my pace, Korean: music.naver Arabic Azerbaijani Czech English #1 #2 French German Italian Russian Transliteration #1 #2 #3 Turkish Ukrainian: Greek: My Pace (Japanese ver) English, Japanese. Why is that?”, but “Why? 씩 = a quantity particle Info: music.naver, I’m not sure about the hangul or the English but I don’t think I hear the dareun aedeulgwan I am WHO. But the meaning stays absolutely the same, it does not change to “why or why not” since none of the words in the sentence imply anything negative to add that “not” that you added. Hey but, I keep looking at others and then I look at myself 반의반이라도 닮았으면 난 좋겠어 I still appreciate how fast this came out tho, I think it’s correct from what I’m hearing. [BC/WJ] cheoncheonhi dallyeodo gwaenchana Anxiety keeps begging me 불안감이 계속 나를 조르거든 jeogi gyeolseungseone nae moseubi eotteon 천천히 달려도 괜찮아 dareun aedeul bwa dareun aedeul bwa 나보다 = than me (in this context 보다 works as a comparison gramma). jyaecheoreom dwego shipeo bureowo yes I’m bureowo yes I’m moseubilji molla I want to know, hajiman ildan nae ape gireul dallyeo naye gireul ttara my lane Why? Just cuz someone’s ahead doesn’t mean they’re first, baby I say that I’m different from others 비교 따윈 하지 마 나의 길을 따라 my lane 봐 = to see, to look, to try. 나 only implies that he is asking that to himself, and 요 only serves as a “politener” (as if asking to someone else). "My Pace" lyrics. 나의 길을 따라 my lane This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. dekiru dake Ooki na koe wo dashite miyou Ofensu! 다른 애들 봐 다른 애들 봐 그때까지는 자꾸 나의 옆을 돌아보지 마 또 남을 쳐다봐 그리고 나를 봐 = i keep looking at others, and i look at myself. 근데 = but. Keep My Pace: Lyrics from as for the picture of the future drawn into the sky even if we don't arrive at it now some day let's stretch out both arms and go grab it keep to your own pace: Lyrics from Ofensu! Why?” (Thank you for posting this so quickly though! cheoncheonhi dallyeodo gwaenchana MySpace Lyrics: Ich traf mein Baby auf MySpace / Traf mein Baby auf Facebook, StudiVZ im Netz / Wir sind stundenlang im Chat / Und ich weiß nichtmal wie sie aussieht, oh yeah / Ich traf mein Baby Rom: CCL English, Korean. cheoncheonhi dallyeodo gwaenchana Stray Kids lyrics - 91 song lyrics sorted by album, including "God's Menu (神메뉴)", "Back Door", "ALL IN". So instead of wae illka, wae illka: wae illkana, wae illkayo. 잊지마 my speed, my lane, my pace, [방찬/우진] 조급할 필요 없어 my pace geubhan mam naeryeonwa apman bogo dallyeoga "작은 것들을 위한 시" means "A Poem for Small Things" in Korean. 고민은 다음 갈림길에서 dareudago mareun hajiman nae bin jane yokshimman gadeuk, jogeubhal piryo eopseo my pace English Russian Spanish Transliteration Turkish: NOT! :), omg i didnt have my volume up so i couldnt hear him repeat the line. [방찬/우진] 비교 따윈 하지 마 This is the title track off of their EP "Map of the Soul: Persona". [BC/WJ] bigyo ttawin haji ma jibun ga mezashiteru hou e Mukae: Lyrics from offense! Put down your impatience 급한 맘 내려놔 Don’t compare You ready, let’s go, Nananananana Just stay in my lane My Pace English, Korean. Writer(s): Si Hyuk Bang, Ho Weon Kang, Michel Schulz, Emily Weisband, Namjun Kim, Ashley Frangipane, Hoseok Jeong, Yunki Min, Melanie Joy Fontana. Download Lagu Stray Kids My Pace Skz2020 Colorcodedlyrics Han Rom Eng Dapat Kamu Download Secara Gratis. You ready, let’s go, Nananananana 난 다른 애들관 다른 애들관 geuttaekkajineun jakku naye yeopeul doraboji ma geureoji ma stop it now 뭔가 = something. 하나 = one. Just go on your own way, I don’t wanna admit it jeo meolli bogo take your time, jogeubhal piryo eopseo my pace BTS Lyrics "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)" [Romanized:] [J-Hope:] Yeah nuga nae sujeo deoreopdae I don't care maikeu jabeum geumsujeo yeoreot pae Beoreokhae jal mot igeun geosdeul seutekki yeoreo gae Geodeuphaeseo ssibeojulge seutaui jeonyeoge World business haeksim Seoboe 1sunwi maejin Manhji anhji i clat gachil mankkik Joheun hyanggie akchwin banchik … 앞만 보고 달려가 I wish I was half of half of him Just stay in my lane Eng: pop!gasa Thank you for your input, though! 천천히 달려도 괜찮아 저 멀리 보고 take your time, 조급할 필요 없어 my pace mwonga naboda hanasshigeun deo jallan geot gata 저기 결승선의 내 모습이 어떤 Why? 그런 비교 따윈 의미 없잖아 I want to know, But first, let me go on my way Nananananana SKZ2020 [Japanese] English: My Universe English, Korean. 또 = more. my pace : STRAY KIDS. No use in comparing banebanirado dalmasseumyeon nan jogesseo Don’t compare I want to be like him, I’m jealous Yes I’m, jealous Yes I’m If I was even half of half as him I’d be happy It’s funny, funny that I’m Comparing myself with someone, it’s funny You ready, let’s go, Nananananana Just stay in my lane

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