ISBN: 9781-938835261 | An assortment of authors with diverse nursing leadership roles across Saskatchewan and Canada have contributed to this textbook. What happens in health policy at local, state, and federal levels directly affects patients, nurses, and nursing practice. These stories capture the diversity, intensity and heroism of nursing. While holistic and alternative therapies and medicines have been around for centuries and proven to be useful tools for healing, there is still resistance when it comes to implementing them into hospitals and healthcare settings. Violent incidents are more than four times as likely to occur in healthcare settings than in other professional workplaces, taking a toll on healthcare workers and spurring providers and policymakers to solve the increasing impact of violence. This allows them to dole out the best care possible to the most amount of people at once. ISBN 9780323389662, 9780323449021 Release Date: 2016, High reliability is quickly becoming a primary focus for health providers as patient safety and quality standards are increasingly scrutinized. It employs a narrative approach based on stories from fiction, autobiography, and interviews with family caregivers that look at their experiences in all their contradictions, hopes, and fears. Release Date: 2017. Price: US $49.95 | The International Textbook of Reflective Practice in Nursing provides practical guidance on applying reflective practice to education, practice, and research in nursing, adopting the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International’s structure of knowledge, service, and learning. This how-to book provides strategies and tools for the nurse manager when it comes to coaching staff in order to reduce conflict among each generational cohort of nurses. Price: US $34.95 | Featured in this book is an entirely new framework for educators and students on the reflective practice process that can lead to new awareness, insights, and behavior to improve nursing care. ISBN: 9781-930538054 | ISBN: 978-1930538061 | Release Date: 2015. ISBN: 9781-940446509 | From around the globe, authors have contributed over 100 stories and images of nurses guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and applaud as you learn of their accomplishments. ISBN: 9781-938835704 | Price: US $59.95 | This easy-to-use guide from the evidence-based practice (EBP) experts at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is packed with tools, examples, and applications. Rapid change is constant in the healthcare industry, leaving hospitals—and the units within—to react and adapt. Price: US $19.99 | Get this book in print. Join nursing expert Fay L. Bower and business/sociology professor William A. Sadler as they outline a solution using a new paradigm of aging"—the Third Age, a period of life stretching from age 50 to 75 that can be an energizing time for renewal and growth. This model provides nurses and healthcare professionals the tools they need to inform and educate patients so they can actively participate in their own treatment, improve outcomes, help identify errors before they occur, and reduce length of stay. Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781945157981 | Price: US $49.95 | By applying these habits into daily life, anyone can become way more productive and efficient at what they do. Price: US $59.95 | Fully revised, it contains new material that lays the groundwork for understanding the importance of implementing EBP in a transformed healthcare environment, emphasizing the necessity for continuous quality improvement and cost effectiveness. In this second volume of the successful Making a Difference: Stories from the Point of Care, nurses from around the world share their powerful stories of how the art of nursing makes a difference in the lives of the patients they care for, the families they encourage and the communities they serve. ISBN: 9781-937554712 | The profession is prone to—some would say thrives on—workplace conflict, incivility, bullying, and meanness. Steve himself sometimes speaks very brutally about some very personal parts of his life. career. Download a free sample chapter from the Sigma Repository. Price: US $34.95 | Inspiration for reaching your goals Release Date: 2019. ISBN: 9781-93053898-6 | Workplace culture is an important and complex part of every organization, representing an organization’s values, belief systems, language, traditions, and customs. Authors, and Massachusetts General Hospital nurse leaders, Jeanette Ives Erickson, Marianne Ditomassi, and Dorothy A. Jones provide a comprehensive review to support the practice environment as an important place to advance nursing science through research. Lead author Cynthia Saver, joined by 25 expert writers and editors, shares important advice and insight to demystify the writing and publishing process. ISBN: 9781-930538511 | It is also a resource for those who deal with coworkers, family, or peers who struggle with substance use disorders. ISBN: 9781945157219 | Below are some of our favorite books on not just being a “nurse leader” but on leading men and women from all different disciplines and backgrounds. Audible is a great way to listen to books you’ve been wanting to check out. Price: US $9.99 | ISBN: 9781-938835506 | Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Price: US $34.95 | When applied to nurses, Leaders Eat Last gives great insight on how to keep the staff working to the best of their ability. Higher acuity and more chronic patients, increasingly complex technology, and the rapid generation of knowledge all mean nurses must grow and adapt to continue providing high quality care for patients. The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Budgeting and Finance, Second Edition provides practical tools, tips, and strategies for running a unit that you weren’t taught in nursing school. Price: US $14.99 | Clinical leadership, along with values-based care and compassion, are critical in supporting the development of high quality healthcare service and delivery. From that feedback, the authors compiled a new list of top 10 priorities: educational reform, academic progression, diversity, interprofessional collaboration, systems thinking, voice of nursing, global stewardship, practice authority, delivery of care, and professional handoff. The latter is the primary reason for this article as books are one of the best ways to learn and hone your skills as a nurse leader. ISBN: 9781-937554385 | A great way to build up camaraderie amongst the team is to share a community copy of this book with everyone who is interested. Using an approach that emphasizes mentoring and sustainability of expertise, this book aims to facilitate smooth transitions and sustain the continued viability of healthcare organizations. Price: US $29.95 | Release Date: 2015. ISBN: 9781-938835582 | Once you’ve embarked on your journey, how do you make the most of your experience?

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