When the Ultimate Being is first noticed, it rocks the boat Aya and her companions are on before freeing itself from the womb within the sea of orange goop with a baby-like cry. They appear throughout the rest of the game in different types. Parasite Eve takes place over a six day span in New York City in 1997. The Ultimate Being (Parasite Eve) Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) Gallery. Offensive: Increases basic damage by 1 point per level. The Child fires a long pink beam across the battlefield, it can attack Aya with its claw, and can even leap to Aya when she is far away. After the battle, the Ultimate Being begins to fall apart before landing in a slightly dazed state. Aya catches them and watches in surprise as Daniel falls into the ocean. She turns on the heat and heads towards her escape as it gives chase again, just as she makes it outside and jumps off the edge of the boat it explodes with the Ultimate Being Adult still inside. It was created by Eve with sperm designed by Dr. Hans Klamp. As they watch from the helicopter above, Kunihiko Maeda shows Daniel what it was he was trying to give Aya before the battle began: bullets specially made with Aya's cells inside them. It only has two attacks, a short-ranged white shockwave that does minor damage, and a yellow one that drops you to 1 HP; to add insult to injury, the yellow one is undodgable. As Aya turns to try and figure out what happened to Daniel, the nearly dead Ultimate Being begins to chase after her. The Ultimate Being Note that the stages are not distinct like the various forms of the Ultimate Being, but the fight definitely shifts in character as it wears on. After its first defeat, the Ultimate Being transforms into its second stage, Child. Aya's damage is pathetic at only 1 or 2 HP per shot, but after around 15 shots, the next part of the battle begins. Running through the interior of the ship, Aya decides to turn the boiler pressure all the way to its limit to use the boat itself as a bomb. Parasite Eve is a multimedia franchise created by Hideaki Sena and Square Enix. Eve, who was being used to control those creatures as well as bring about another Ultimate Being, lost her powers and became a normal child, like everyone else. Goals He then embraces and hold the creature as it dies to avoid the energy unleashed from killing any more people. DestroyerSelf-appointed evolutionary messiah This 'could' be useful during a first-time play-through IF the player finds they are having trouble defeating Eve and/or the Ultimate Being as the difference in Active Time, basic stats. This is the final form of the Ultimate Being with its fight with Aya. But she also doesn't let you touch her child. A horrible mutated humanoid creature of apocalyptic intents, its very existence caused living beings to self-combust and thus made it a real danger to the entire world. Melissa is unharmed, along with Aya Brea.Aya encounters Melissa again in one of the rooms downstairs. It can be considered the ultimate NMC and ultimately the pinnacle of Eve and later Neo Ark's plan. Experimenting with possible evolutionary paths.Destroying everything in its path. This is the final form of the Ultimate Being with its fight with Aya. This sperm has no paternal mitochondria, so it cannot interfere with Eve’s mitochondria when the Ultimate Being was coming into being. She turns on the heat and heads towards her escape as it gives chase again. Aya inflicts massive 999 damage, and after a few shots, the Ultimate Being is defeated. When Eve is defeated for the final time, she becomes one with the sea of orange goop comprised of the collected cells and blood of her many murdered victims via her powers.

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