& Johnson, K.P.K. To determine whether there is a place in the market for the type of store you want to open, you need to do a thorough research on your industry. Process Retail Group is a Point of Sale, Point of Purchase, and Retail Marketing Activation company that partners with exciting brands and retailers to bring their unique perspective to life. © 2020 RetailNext, Inc. All rights reserved. Co-design visual merchandising in 3D virtual stores: A Facet Theory approach. Fashion product display: An experiment with Mockshop investigating color, visual texture, and style coordination. This article explores this important, yet little researched behavior. Naeun (Lauren) Kim received her BA in Economics and International Studies with a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University; MS in Management at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; and Ph.D. in Textile Technology and Management at North Carolina State University. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 6(3), 216-231. In an online co-design community users jointly perform the co-design process and give each other feedback and inspiration. In order to be on top of it, you need to keep track of these changes and conduct your research regularly. Kim, H-Y., Kim, Y., Jolly, L., & Fairhurst, A. (2018). (2015). Some topics she studied include: Consumer characteristics and technology adoption, Technology acceptance and innovation diffusion theory in the context of mobile commerce, Location-based services and consumer risk perceptions. She currently serves as Associate Editor for Journal of Global Fashion Marketing. In Berg encyclopedia of world dress and fashion: East Asia (Vol.6, online version, word count: 2,795). In an online co-design community users jointly perform the co-design process and give each other feedback and inspiration. Visual Perception and Information Processing Innovation concerns not only tangible output (e.g., virtual stores with new merchandise display methods created using 3D technology as discussed above) but also intangible output, which can be a new design process. Im, H., & Ha, Y. Move Over Experience, Make Room for Empowerment, Retail Performance Pulse: September Storms Dampen Store Results, Tailoring Your Store Staff Toward Shopper Service, Rethinking the Physical Space – Insights from China’s Evolving Retail Industry, two basic types of retail market research, the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) approach, social networks are also invaluable market research tools, a plethora of social media monitoring tools. Surprisingly, very little research has addressed questions about how consumers physically search through retail settings. Visual perception has been an important aspect of consumer behavior but is particularly important in today's retailing because of the prevalence of non-traditional shopping channels such as online and mobile shopping. Logically, the next step is the analysis of your own company based on the above mentioned data. Friendly staff are standing by. Modern Chinese fashion designers. Janigo, K. & Wu, J. Wu, J., Ju, H.W., Kim, J., Damminga, C., Kim, H-Y. Competitive research is crucial for building a store that stands out. Role of web site design quality in satisfaction and word of mouth generation. Dr. Im has studied consumer visual perception through several research projects. Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process & the Fashion Industry, 2(1), 85-104. profiles of the main customer segments becomes crucial for the retail innovation process. The influence of Chinese dress on Western fashion. RSR is the candid voice in retail technology. P: 612-624-1717 | E: cdesinfo@umn.edu, General Information 2) Decide the research approach . Wu have led several research projects in order to understand online co-design community-driven innovations and community-generated retail environments. Her specific interests include aesthetic perception and evaluation, attention, and visual stimuli effect on engagement in an online environment. Oxford: Berg Publishers (Blind peer reviewed, 256 pages). With the aid of 3D technology, however, researchers can also create and empirically test innovative merchandise displays. A model of permission-based marketing: enablers and inhibitors of mobile coupon adoption. In these online co-design communities, consumers take on multiple roles: they become co-designers, co-sellers, co-marketers, and buyers. Retail merchandising innovations generally take place in retail stores instead of being initiated from research. Wu, J. (2015). (2015). Kim, H-Y., & Kim, Y. However, to understand your role in the industry and adapt both your products and marketing campaigns to your customers’ needs, you first need to do a thorough retail market research. Effects of 3D vs. 2D interfaces and product-coordination methods. (In press, 2019). Hmong-owned small businesses in Minnesota: Implications for Extension educators and program developers.

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