Raw Longsword (-): 96 - 101 (5.2%) Broadsword (C): 112 - 137 (22.3%) Great Club (C): 147 - 185 (25.8%) Club (C): 90 -119 (32.2%) Heavy Club: 110 - 140 (27.3%) Reinforced Club (C): 94 - 123 (30.8%) Butcher Knife (A): 90 - 127 (41.1%) Deep Battle Axe (-): 104 - 111 (6.7%) share | improve this answer | follow | edited Aug 30 '17 at 2:01. answered Aug 25 '16 at 6:27. Longsword is Better than Broadsword. Normal +10 or refined will do hella better damage than raw with 20/20. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Astora sword is really good for raw infusion. Jun 4, 2017 @ 4:32am Originally posted by Vinyltavia: Originally posted by matarabun: Raw broadsword, i hate this weapon but all my low level char using this weapon And Astora Straight Sword btw if … Ds3. Already used the one from the bug on the broadsword, and feelin very lucky to be sitting on 2 more :) DS3; XCOM 2; Imperator: Rome; Spore; AoM; AoE 3; Starbound; The Forest; AoE; L4D2; Victoria 2; KOTOR I & II; Factorio; SCUM; 7DTD; CK2; Commands.gg; Dark Souls 3 Cheat Engine Guide; Item IDs; Weapons Codes ; Page 3; Dark Souls 3 Weapon Item ID List. All rights reserved. For the last time, AR does not make a weapon better. I'm a knight, have 16 dex, 14 str, 20 vigor, etc.. so I'm not sure I'd benefit from no scaling on the longsword at this lower level since it can be reversed later. #9 Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls3/206664. Generally speaking, the best weapons to make Raw are ones without scaling or with poor scaling. You can put any infusion on it and it'll be awesome. Astora is a good choice in the beginning to put a raw infusion on, but the Longsword would be better once you have the stats to do a real infusion. The following are some of the commonly used weapons in pyromancer build. How to Get / Where to Find the Longsword Below is a searchable list of all 2425 item IDs for Weapons in Dark Souls 3.A weapon is any item that has the primary purpose of inflicting damage to an enemy. Personally I have used the sword as a raw upgrade with one of my characters he is still early but this being Dark Souls it will still be usefull later in the game since skill beats equipment. It can usually add 100+ damage on top of base damage if you have 35+ points into the proper stat. If you're pumping STR, it's always a few AR behind the Long Sword. estoc/rapier are good secondaries as well, low stat investment and as a crossbow build you should be able to use them without deviating from your main stat investments. Mainly for a secondary weapon as I was going to try for a crossbow focused build.I was thinking the longsword with resins to compensate, is there a better weapon for this? Raw is much stronger at minimum stats. Raw Longsword w Court Sorcerer's Staff casting Crystal Magic Weapon (Spell Buff: 202, CMW = 0.95 x spell buff) - 501 (split) 30 Int/30 Fth: Raw Longsword w Pyromancy Flame casting Carthus Flame Arc (Spell Buff: 179, CFA = 0.81 x spell buff) - 454 (split) 50 Fth: Raw Longsword w Canvas Talisman casting Lightning Blade (Spell Buff: 200, LB = 0.96 x spell buff) - 501 (split) 28 Str/27 Dex/15 … All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. It's either Raw or no Infusion, everything else sucks. I used raw infused astrora straight sword +4 until like AL while I leveled up my stats to get to the point where the scaling kicks in properly, so yeah, it's pretty good. Longsword is overall just good. As its name suggests, it gives the weapon jagged edges, making it … This weapon is very powerful, is similar to the Long Sword, and can last you the entire game if you enjoy the quick attacks of straight swords. Later on with high dex, str the raw infusions is quite useless. Widely-used standard straight sword, only matched in ubiquity by the shortsword" "An accessible sword which inflicts consistent regular damage and high slash damage, making it applicable to a variety of situations." From the Greataxe hollow that guards the elevator to vordt, and again from one of those 4 skinny hollows that jumps you after the elevator ride. I need a good secondary weapon that is raw, but low stats to use. By a lot. 12 str req means virtually anyone can 2hand it. So you should be pretty safe making the Astora Straight Sword raw, seeing as it scales for crap. If you really like a weapon and want to work on your defensive stats first or hit up magic first I'd recommend doing Raw and then switching it later. Moveset is more important than AR is, after that it's all personal preference. From start to finish, the Long Sword can last you through most any PvE and PvP situations. The Ringed City Ashes of Ariandel Goods Gestures Ammunition Weapons Armor Ring Magic. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), http://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Astora+Straight+Sword. I've actually started getting a Mace when starting and infusing it Raw, makes early waaaay easy. People swear by the uchi. Lothric is even better but it needs high dex. Longsword is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. I have a Knight build with 15-25 str/dex and a raw longsword +10. What I like to do is get a raw +10 astora sword and put everything into health and stamina. Sort by Category. © Valve Corporation. Exiled greatsword with 16/16 to wield it 2 handed loses AR if you raw infuse. Chaos Broadsword. -> raw infusion removes scaling which pushes the longsword to 275 dmg (wiki) which is an increase of 25% dmg Conclusions: use raw infusions in the early game on weapons with bad scaling / while you're on low dex, str and save the points for more hp, stamina instead. Long Sword is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. I tested it out on some lothric knights and the longsword faired significantly better in terms of speed of killing. I was debating making the LS a raw one for a while until I can find a fire gem. Am I crazy or what's going on? All Item IDs. In fact a raw longsword is better now #4. How to get: Characters that start as the Knight class automatically get this weapon. This Pyromancer builds best serves the offensive Pyromancers. … Depends on the weapon. Like Xaoc said, depends on the weapon and your stats. That's pretty much the breakpoint. Yeah a Raw Mace is sick, I'm using it atm and it wrecks. Just got back to back raw gem drops. Gameo. This weapon has a higher damage per second associated with enticing move-sets and better scaling. Making it good for any build in the game. If you're pumping DEX, it falls behind the Lothric Sword quickly. Raw is never stronger even with minimum stats to wield for a lot of weapons. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Chaos Longsword. I'm 23, got a raw uchigatana +1, and a longsword +1. Others can get it as a drop from Hollow Soldiers at High Wall of Lothric, or you can purchase it from Greirat in for 1,000 souls. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. A balanced, widely-used standard straight sword. Vemonus Vemonus. Inflicts reliable standard damage, as well as high thrust damage. Raw increases the base damage of a weapon, while reducing its stat scaling from Strength and Dexterity. © Valve Corporation. I feel like I'm doing some serious damage, but I read that I should have gone with a 'sharp' stone instead. At 20/20 +4, it's only 5 AR behind Raw Longsword or Sharp Lothric. Raw infusions enhance endurance by boosting spells and scaling for weapons on the next level. And for w/e wonky reason 110 Crit damage.

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