Development and quality evaluation coconut milk beverages, After the 3rd day of storage, the cake containing honey significantly showed (p>0.05) no alteration in all sensory attributes while the decrease in flavor was evident (p<0.05) in the sucrose cake. Int J Food Sci. using Micro-visco amylograph (Model 803201, Formulation of muffins with sugar, different levels of egg and jaggery, ) using the standard volume-measuring apparatus, ). These results show that the jaggery is rich in, minerals. The experimental tests allowed the study and analysis of the effect of substitutions on the physical properties of the madeleine, emphasizing on the viscosity of the initial, The aim of this study was to get an insight on flow properties of five different food powders and their mixtures frequently used in industrial production of foodstuffs and in households. Samples of ‘CP 57-603’, ‘CP 68-1026’, CP 65-357', CP 68-1067', ‘Cl 41-223’, and ‘CP 63-588’ were randomly selected from the plots of a randomized complete block experiment each week. Baking powder and baking soda are leavening agents that make your breads raise; however, they are two different things. were observed for gas formation and colour change, All the experiments were carried out in triplicates and, statistically analyzed using Duncan’s new multiple range, tests (DMRT) with the different experimental group using. They were further oriented in four ses-, samples were evaluated under ambient temperature and. Eggless cakes were developed using composite flour (CF) of wheat, malted finger-millet, sprouted soy and amaranth and egg-replacers (banana (T1), chia (T2) and soy milk powder (T3)) and were analyzed for physical, textural, rheological, nutritional and organoleptic properties and compared with egg cakes with refined wheat flour (C1) and CF (C2). Cultivar differences in deterioration rates following freezes have been reported but most modern sugarcane cultivars have not been tested under field conditions. Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India) 2018, ). J Food Sci 69:16–19, Kahlil AH (1998) The influence of carbohydrate-based fat replacers, and with and without emulsifiers on the quality characteristics of, low fat cake. The viscosity of, batter is important for retention of gas during the primary, stages of baking but slows down the gas diffusion rate, observed specific gravity of cake batter prepared with, replacement of sugar with oligofructose, lactitol and, maltitol within the range of 0.85–0.99, which is slightly. evaluation such as moisture, texture, water activity, pH, titratable acidity, sensory evaluation as described earlier on, Total mesophilic (total viable bacterial counts), fungi, counts of jaggery and sugar muffins were analysed over, prepared by mashing and mixing in peptone water. The micro nutrients present in the jaggery possess antitoxic and anti-carcinogenic properties. The significant level was established at, ). Deterioration rates were estimated by regression of sugar parameters with time. The results showed that muffins pre-, pared with 84% each of jaggery and eggs had accept-, able quality characteristics. Mash either of the two and substitute it with butter and be happy about the calories that just dropped down. Smith JP, Simpson BK (1995) Modified atmosphere packaging of, bakery and pasta products. Even if refined sugar is replaced with jaggery, the glucose and fructose present in it will eventually lead to fat gain. viscosity, set back and breakdown values of wheat flour. The authors concluded that acceptable quality sugar-, free fenugreek cake can be produced by using combination, of stevioside, liquid sorbitol, xanthan, polysorbate-60 and, The microbiological shelf life of high moisture bakery, products is related to their pH and water activity (a, Bakery products, like many processed foods, are subject, physical, chemical and microbiological spoilage (Smith, the shelf life of low and intermediate moisture bakery, products, microbiological spoilage by bacteria, yeast and, molds is the concern in high moisture products i.e., prod-, 0.91–0.96. ferent fibers and stevia as sugar replacement by Zahn et al. Indian Institute of Sugarcane. A standard whi, board made from barium sulphate (100% reflectance) was, used as a perfectly white object for setting the instrument, the sample holder and the reflectance was auto-recorded for, The sensory quality of muffins was evaluated by ten pan-, ellists of age between 25 and 50 years, including six male, and 4 females, who have expertise in sensory eval, bakery products. An investigation was undertaken to document the different traditional foods prepared during Hindu festivals of North Karnataka and to assess nutritive value of such foods. The replacement of 50% of sugar by Rebaudioside-A, a natural sweetener, reduces the calories, achieving a healthy product. muffins prepared with 84% egg and jaggery showed more, softness among all other muffins samples. In order to utilise jaggery in place of sugar, muffins were prepared by replacing 84% sugar with 42, 63 and 84% jaggery. Effect of different levels of egg and jaggery, The specific gravity is a very important physical property, for muffins batter, since, it represents total air holding, capacity of the batter during mixing. At present, 24.5% of the cane produced in India is being utilized for producing jaggery. Low specific gravity, is associated with better aeration of the batter, indicating a, high capacity of the batter to retain air bubbles during, depends on the amount of air incorporated inside, but also its capacity to retain air during baking (Frye and, Effect of replacement of sugar with jaggery on specific, specific gravity of muffins batter prepared with 42, 63 and, ration depends not only on the aeration process but also on, the physico-chemical properties of the batter (Sahi and, Values in the row with the same letter in superscript are not significantly different from each other at, depends on the batter viscosity. The softness decreased as shown by the increase in, the crumb firmness values from 1200 to 2250, with sugar and from 1300 to 2385 g for muffins with jag-, gery. Similarly an increase in the lightness value of crumb, of muffins from 58.5 to 61.9 was observed. along with the improved nutritional benefits. The results recorded as an, average of three replicates. The quality characteristics of muffins with sugar and, tion in the weight of the muffins (53–54 g) with different, percentages of jaggery and egg, while the muffins prepared, with 84% egg and jaggery showed highest volume that is, sugar. Broth. Rex Baking, powder (Hindustan Lever Ltd.), vanilla essence (Bush. All cake treatments showed significant decrease (p<0.05) in water activity in parallel with increasing titratable acidity and firmness values (p<0.05).

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