american black walnut sawn timber page. The wood can vary from light brown to purplish black with a creamy coloured sapwood. More easily available than English Walnut. Black Walnut endgrain. European Walnut. General Description: The steaming process evens the colour between the heart and sapwood. Sawn timber represents the most used and requested product in the wood market and it is considered the starting point to create different products. The boards are carefully stored in our heated and acclimatised factory giving an average moisture content of between 9-11%. the trade centre will remain open for business. The heartwood itself is strongly resilient towards decay, although the sapwood can be targeted by powder post beetles. Tree Size: 30-37 m tall, 0.6-1 m trunk diameter. The boards are carefully stored in our heated and acclimatised factory, giving an average moisture content of between 9-11%. American Walnut is durable, even under conditions in which decay becomes likely, the benefits of black walnut planed timber are mainly enjoyed for either light construction projects, high-class joinery, or in the making of quality home furnishings. Latin Name: Juglans nigra. Walnut is easy to work, easy to achieve an excellent finish. Our main niche is quarter sawn white oak but grade black walnut isn’t far behind. Our Rough Sawn Black Walnut Timber is sourced from the very best sawmills in America. Janka Hardness: 4,490 N. Common Uses: cabinetry, gunstocks, interior paneling, veneer, furniture, turned items, and other small wooden objects and novelties. covid-19 update: in accordance with government guidelines the hobby centre & showroom will be closed from thursday 5th november. Uses: Joinery, furniture, turnery & mouldings, rifle butts & car dash. All … All our sawn timber is sustainably sourced from the very best sawmills in Europe, the United States and Canada. Common Name: Black Walnut. Walnut is a very durable hardwood species. american black walnut sawn timber page. reSAWN TIMBER co.’s WALNUT collection features wide plank north american black walnut wood interior wall cladding and flooring that is prefinished and available in solid & engineered construction. It is heavy and strong yet easily worked. Further product details Mechanical Properties. Average Dried Weight: 610 kg/m3. Walnut lumber is a sought after material by wood workers, cabinet builders and flooring manufacturers alike for it’s rich color and warm tone. The timber is a prime grade though many contain some small knots. Walnut has a beautiful chocolate brown core. We're proud to be one of the UK's leading specialist timber merchants and supplier of quality kiln-dried hardwoods. Prime Grade Sawn Timber Boards. American Walnut timber sanded. Finished it is one of the most beautiful hardwoods in North America. These designs emphasize the natural color & beauty of black walnut.

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