C. John finished so well even Jesus spoke very highly of him, (Matthew 11:11). In so doing, we not only commemorate a great prophet of history, but we also consider the office of prophet itself, one to which we are summoned by our … Continue reading "The Mission of St. John the Baptist – A Homily for the Birth of John the Baptist" Solemnity of the birth of St. John the Baptist. We are approaching the end of this great first chapter of Luke. But he worked on his character constantly, (Luke 7:17-23). Homily starter anecdote: Be the finger of John the Baptist: Karl Barth, the great 20 th century Calvinist theologian, would wake up early in the morning, read the newspaper, and stare at a painting by Grunewald called Crucifixion.Jesus is hanging from the cross, apparently dead, while Mary and others morn. “John,” “The Lord is gracious.” The Lord is gracious to you, my friend. Is 49:1-6; Acts 13:22-26; Lk 1:57-66, 80. (Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist; This homily was given 23-24 June, 2007, at Our Lady of Mercy, East Greenwich, R.I.; read Luke Chapter 1) Upon my arrival here at Our Lady of Mercy, three years ago, Fr. That is why we celebrate the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Short bio + A sermon from St. Augustine. Sermon for the Birthday of John the Baptist, St Matthew's, 2012 ... John's is the only birth day that the Church invites us to celebrate? SOLEMNITY OF THE BIRTH OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST. We briefly step out of the “green” of Ordinary Time to celebrate the birth of the last prophet of the Old Testament, St. John the Baptist. So, St. John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary are both off in their gestations by one day. Born to forerun. Nevertheless, we many times not only fails to do Born six months before our Lord, St. John the Baptist was the son of Zachary and Elizabeth, cousin of our Lady. It's interesting when we celebrate the conception of the Virgin Mary on December 9th and then she's born on September 8th, it's 9 months less a day. So, nine months plus a day we celebrate the Nativity of St. John, his birth. Lolio told the story about a phone call he received about a month earlier from Monsignor Evans, who at that time was still in Rome. It doesn’t mean John was perfect and did not have a single flaw. John was a person who started well and finished well. Even at John’s birth, his name, John, and the prophecy spoken about him, the Benedictus, are pointing us to Christ. The forerunner points us to one who comes after him, and that is Jesus. As we turn together to the Word of God, I invite you to open your Bible to Luke's gospel. He had his fair share of doubts and weaknesses. John the midsummer saint – his birthday exactly 6 months before Christmas, ... his challenging, disturbing preaching in the wilderness. He was the last and greatest of the prophets. Meditation for Sunday of the Birth of St. John the Baptist (Luke 1: 57-80)Metropolitan Yuhanon Mor Meletius, ThrissurAbility to explore in to the mind and purpose of God is a great gift given to humans by God Himself. As the forerunner of the Savior, his mission was to prepare the Jews for the coming of Christ. B. This is because we humans are created in the image and likeness of God and has been given the breath of life.

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