You may also know about the news digest feature where you can manually curate posts to send to users in email. I would suggest to treat the access requests as a general request for access to the complete SITE. I am quite positive that something will turn up. On suggestion of Juan Carlos I tested this with a modern team site (instead of a Communication site), but it did not work there either. The News digest is a Newsletter created from News articles. You will only give access to this specific article, so they will have to request access for the next article and the next, etc. Note: This feature is being rolled out gradually to some users. We will be looking into that Organizational Assets thing later, as this is indeed quite annoying. Thanks for writing these up, Ellen. For more information, see Set-SPOTenant reference. If you are a tenant admin, you can remove the feature from your tenant by using the PowerShell command: Set-SPOTenant -EnableAutoNewsDigest $true | $false. I have had to dig my beautiful News digest out of several spam boxes, for different email addresses ( Log Out /  Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Note: Ensure that you are running the latest version of the SharePoint Online Management Shell to enable the command. Point 10 could dive into any potential programmatic options. We are working on adding branding capabilities. Change ). People could send the news in an email if they wanted externals to know. We also have not heard any feedback about “I want to to able to do this or that” but as this Newsletter is quite new to us, that may come later Ellen. After my massive list of things-to-be-aware-of when creating and managing SharePoint News, I though it would be good to share some lessons about the News digest (Newsletter) separately. Here's what the email looks like: To open a news post, a user can click on the news post right from the email to open it in a browser window. After my massive list of things-to-be-aware-of when creating and managing SharePoint News, I though it would be good to share some lessons about the News digest (Newsletter) separately. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. . If you have found something, please let me know! By the way, the access request email looks really nice these days. I have filled the placeholder for my previous post by now, as I knew this would happen, so I will keep doing this. We are working on adding this functionality. ( Log Out /  Last week we distributed our first SharePoint News digest! This means that you may not yet see this feature or it may look different than what is described in this article. Nice placeholder with number 10 , Thank you, Owen! So if your first News digests do not get the attention they deserve, you may want to ask around if people have received the emails. It looks like you can send this only to items which appear in the Global Address List. Only published news posts that are relevant to the user, and that the user has not viewed yet, are sent in the digest. Best regards, ( Log Out /  Thanks Again. If someone has been forwarded the News digest, clicks on the first item and then finds out they need access, they will send an access request to the News article. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Not more than one email digest is sent per week. I would have expected you could also use a SharePoint site user group (from this site) or a personal Group of Contact Persons from your Outlook, but no. If there are no news items that are relevant to the user, a news digest will not be sent. The maximum number of news posts that will be shown in the news digest is ten. Now there's a new way for users to catch up with the latest news in your organization without anyone having to curate a news digest. The SharePoint auto-news digest feature sends an automated email to users about the latest news posts that are relevant to them, but that they may not have viewed yet. Still haven’t seen anything with PnP, REST, FLOW etc. To unsubscribe from the auto-news digest emails, users can select the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. They will not see the header image because that lives in the Site Assets library, to which they do not have access. 10 things to know about the SharePoint News digest, things-to-be-aware-of when creating and managing SharePoint News, You will break the permission inheritance, Make your Teams meeting screen work for you, If you do nothing the logo displayed will be the new SharePoint logo, If you replace the site icon by another image, the logo displayed will be the old SharePoint logo, Your organizational logo (the one in the Office365 top bar) does not show in the News digest. He grumbled a bit but is IS a sign of success when people forward the News digest . You can click “Approve”, but. This is a great way for users to catch up on news that they may have otherwise missed. (and help them mark it as Not Spam). Anything that DLP could do to help with this? If you have forgotten what it was, never mind – another reason to give access to the complete site! (We are not using Office Groups yet). Thoughts on number 10 is that with the news digest we end up with users access the site pages and therefore would we should be able to get analytics on the success of the digest from the Site Usage? Can I remove sites from the auto-news digest? Have you changed the title of your News article after publishing? Fig : Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online – News Digest feature – “Email a news digest” Click on the “Email a news digest” link from the command bar as shown in above Fig We will have options to select the News, and “Next” and “Cancel” buttons to proceed further, as shown in the below figure.

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