The Suffolk sheep grow to a large size range of 180 to 250 pounds in ewes. The Suffolk was developed in England by crossing a variety of horned sheep, the Norfolk Horn, with Southdown sheep. As with all sheep breeds, the cost of Suffolk sheep is determined by a number of factors, such as the age, health, DNA, and breed characteristics of the animal. The lambs are typically sold or butchered at 90 to 120 pounds. A genuinely long life expectancy of 11 to 13 years and the great fruitfulness rate adds to the well-known highlights. This means that this breed is produced for its meat and its wool. History: The Suffolk sheep is native to England with a black face and dual ability. Suffolk, breed of medium-wool, dark-faced, hornless sheep developed in England during the years 1800 to 1850 by mating Norfolk horned ewes with Southdown rams. Suffolk Sheep. Suffolk Sheep Prices. Black-faced breed It originated by cross-breeding black-faced South Down sheep on ancient native sheep named Norfolk. Three ewes and two rams had been donated by the English Suffolk Sheep Society to the University of Idaho. A fairly long lifespan of 11 to 13 years and the excellent fertility rate adds to the popular features. Heritage Suffolks combine the size, mass, milking ability, longevity, and style that made Suffolks the most popular sheep breed in … Suffolks are prolific, early maturing sheep with excellent mutton carcasses.They are energetic, and the whole carriage is alert, showing stamina and quality. On average, however, you can expect to pay a starting price of {MALES} for a Suffolk ram, {FEMALES} for … Full-size adult Suffolk rams go from 250 to 350 pounds (113-159 kg), ewes around 180 to 250 pounds (81-113 kg). The majority of farms keep the Suffolk sheep for meat production. The Suffolk did not make its appearance in the western states until 1919. Breed: Suffolk Sheep Temperament: quiet Maintenance: medium Cost: from $100-$200 (ewes); $300-500 (flock rams); $1000-$10,000 (stud rams) Lifespan: 10-14 years Recommended for: hobby farmers History. Heritage Suffolks conserve the genetics of old style classic Suffolks that have been systematically eliminated by show/club lamb breeders and show/club lamb judges. Suffolk Sheep characteristics. The rams can reach a hefty 350 pounds! The breed is not desirable for wool production. One of the rams was to be sold at auction at the National Ram Sale in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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