Give the word derived from Greek elements that matches each of the following. The word semantics is derived from the Greek word semantikos that means significant. Thus, astrophysics can be defined as a branch of astronomy which is concerned with the study of universe (i.e., stars, galaxies, and planets) using the laws of physics. Pre-Socratic usage. If you're taking a physics class, you will likely study dynamics. In Homeric Greek it is used quite literally, of the manner of growth of a particular species of plant.. Dynamics refers to the branch of mechanics that deals with the movement of objects and the forces that drive that movement. The word φύσις is a verbal noun based on φύειν "to grow, to appear" (cognate with English "to be"). The poem describes the origins of the Greek gods and the connections among them. noun: physics the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. Added 10/21/2015 8:13:48 PM This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful. The word 'Physics' comes from the Greek Word for 'Nature' (written as 'φύση'). Find more Greek words at! From Google: 'etymology of physics' physics - ˈfɪzɪks. Choose from 500 different sets of words derived from greek flashcards on Quizlet. The word theogony began as the title of a poem composed about 700 BCE by the ancient poet Hesiod. Note that the wording of the dictionary definition may vary from the wording below. Verify your answer in a medical dictionary. physics (n.) 1580s, "natural science, the science of the principles operative in organic nature," from physic in sense of "natural science." The word "astrophysics" is a combination of two Latin-derived words: astro, which means "star," and phisis, which means "nature. Word Search Pro Word Blocks Word Ranch Trivia for All Letterpad Kitty Scramble Bonza Word Puzzle Crossword Quiz Crossword Champ Picturiffic 7 Little Words Word Connect Wordscapes Guess the word - 5 Clues CodyCross Wordie: Guess the Word Guess The Photo Worddle Iconica Guess The Emoji WordBubbles Emoji Quiz IconMania: Movie & Icon Quiz Persuasive Speech On Advertising 942 Words | 4 Pages. The original Greek word is 'physikos'. Also see -ics.Based on Latin physica (neuter plural), from Greek ta physika, literally "the natural things," title of Aristotle's treatise on nature.The current restricted sense of "science treating of properties of matter and energy" is from 1715. The Greek for physics is φυσική. Greek is the language of origin for the word 'physics'. appeals to grab the audiences’ attention which are ethos, pathos, and logos. Now we can talk about the “theogonies” of different cultures, for example, the … Read More. Learn words derived from greek with free interactive flashcards. It is not necessary to give combining terms for words in parentheses. The word ethics derived from the Greek word which.

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