Although initially reluctant, Tim Drake entered into an alliance with Ra's before nearly bleeding to death due to their encounter with the Council of Spiders. After the team rescues Batman and Tim hacks their database to discover their plans, Jake sends two waves of Bat-Drones to take down the "League of Shadows," which will kill hundreds of innocents in the process. [21] Later, a return to the title by Chuck Dixon was aborted abruptly[22] upon his departure from DC again. The character has been featured in various adaptations, including the animated television series The New Batman Adventures, Young Justice: Invasion, and the video game series Batman: Arkham. In the prequel to Injustice 2, Tim and the Titans (minus Superboy) are finally rescued by the remaining heroes. The Penguin's goons come after Tim and his family, but the Batman saves them. Tim is launched into the new future, 35 years later, where he becomes the new Batman and destroys a weakened Brother Eye. In his early exploits, Tim frequently demonstrated this training by attacking from the shadows, using a sling for extra distance, and relying more heavily on throwing shuriken. 2. Even Nightwing is proud of his skills, saying that Tim was a better Robin than he was. Tim tries lifting the Phantom Zone projector, but cannot because Superman placed a safety cap that weighs 100 tons. [41]The Red Robin, the Orphan, the Spoiler, and Clayface are being trained as a group by Batman and Batwoman, who are preparing them for the upcoming enemies known as the Colonists. In The New 52, Tim is a talented athlete and computer genius who comes close to discovering the Batman's identity, but never totally figures it out. In these contests, Tim's combat strengths contrasted with the other Robins; in general, Tim is recognized as the most calculating and cunning combatant of the group as opposed to Dick's physicality, Jason's aggressiveness, and Damian's focus. He knows he is living up to a legacy left by Dick Grayson and strives to not disappoint Bruce Wayne, Batman. The ongoing series Robin (vol. In 2019, Tim returned to his original Robin persona in the Wonder Comics relaunch of Young Justice, but later adopted his current codename Drake. if it is official does anyone know where i could find out super hero birthdates? Birthday. [26] The character featured in issues #934-940 and #965-981, with some flashback appearances in the interim. It also consists of gold lines and patterns all throughout the suit. First Name Timothy #4. Before joining Batman as the third Robin, Tim Drake was given a modern redesign of the Robin costume and sent to train abroad with numerous experts to refine his martial arts. Rushing back to base, he simultaneously manages to delay the Council of Spiders, blow up the League's base, and escape with Tam. someone wrote Tim Drake's birthday is July 19th on Drake's page, does anyone know if that is official information or vandalism? It also included a black-and-gold utility belt that carries Drake's weaponry, such as his bo staff and throwing discs. April Apr 8, 1993 ( age 27) Birthplace. During training and various adventures, Tim has engaged each of the other Robins in combat, including Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Damian Wayne, all of whom had similar training under Batman's tutelage. But just as he is reuniting with Batman, General Zod escapes the Phantom Zone and kills Tim by piercing Tim's heart with his heat vision. This leads him to Metropolis, where he is reunited with Wonder Girl and Impulse, and meets Teen Lantern and Ginny Hex. Batman agreed to mentor Tim, train him and use his assistance in the Batcave, but at first refused to involve Tim in the field out of concern for the boy's safety. Following the miniseries Batman: Battle For the Cowl, Tim Drake took on the new identity of the Red Robin as the character Damian Wayne was made the new Robin. [8] As such, Tim remained a non-superhero supporting character for the first year of his regular appearances in the Batman title, mainly operating in the Batcave. He has replaced the bulkier arm guards with smaller arm guards with blades similar to Damian Wayne's Robin suit. Tim Drake was named after Tim Burton, director of the then-upcoming 1989 film. His new costume shares similarities with his DC Rebirth suit; however, it has various adjustments and revisions. Birthday? He made headlines for admitting that he has been injecting botox since the age of 14. With the revived Young Justice series, Tim has returned to the identity of Robin. As a brutal new Batman, Tim Drake personally hunted down every member of his mentor's Rogues Gallery, turning Arkham Asylum into a cemetery filled with the graves of the original Batman's enemies, whom Tim killed using the same pistol that Joe Chill used to murder Thomas and Martha Wayne when Bruce was a child. The colors are those of Superboy's costume, in tribute to his best friend Superboy after he also died in battle in Infinite Crisis (2005–2006). Bruce Wayne built upon this foundation by initially replicating the training he used for both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, formally training in several fighting styles, such as Aikido,[48] Judo, Karate,[49] Savate,[50] Kung Fu, Ninjutsu, and Tai Chi[51]in addition to being trained in gymnastics. He was also at the final battle between Batman and the Heretic when Talia killed her son's clone and blew up Wayne Tower. Growing up, Tim's parents were frequently absent for months at a time as they travelled around the world on archaeological digs, leaving him with very little adult supervision. Using a Cosmic Treadmill in the adult Tim's Batcave, Robin and his team return home to contemplate the future they have seen.[60]. He is eventually rescued by the Batgirls, whom he joins afterwards, wearing a baseball costume similar to his Robin costume on the mainstream Earth-0. [55] Tim also speaks several languages beyond his native English, including Cantonese,[56] Russian,[57] Spanish[4] and German. When Tim reached the age of thirteen, he saw that Batman had grown reckless and violent following the second Robin (Jason Todd)'s murder by the Joker. This costume was different from that of his predecessors in that it provided increased protection with an armored tunic and gorget, long boots, an emergency "R" shuriken on his chest in addition to the traditional batarangs, and a collapsible bo staff as the character's primary weapon. He was put in charge of the League of Assassins by Ra's and used the time to simultaneously plan how to stop the Council of Spiders and destroy the League of Assassins. The character began starring in a new Red Robin ongoing series, written for its first twelve issues by Christopher Yost[24] and thereafter by Fabian Nicieza. Following the meeting, Tim heads outside Gotham City to an internment camp that is holding all people captured by Brother Eye. The new Batman and Robin team went on their first official mission together in the story "Debut",[12]also written by Grant. For a brief period when Tim's father found out about him being Robin and he retired from the role, Stephanie temporarily replaced him as the new Robin. [41] The Colonists are revealed to be a military group under the command of Batwoman's father, Jake Kane, who have modeled themselves after Batman in a more violent matter. The mask is similar to his New 52 domino mask. He also made guest appearances in other DC comic books such as Nightwing and Azrael. As of the DC Rebirth relaunch, Tim Drake became a main character in the series Detective Comics as written by James Tynion IV where it was reinvented as a team book. He currently uses the superhero identity of Red Robin. He is also shown to be dating Barbara Gordon. His wife is revealed to have been aware of her husband's heroic and tortured past, and implied to have met Tim and his former mentor at some point before he retires as Robin. Lost in the Multiverse, Young Justice struggles to return home, with Tim taking on the new identity of Drake. The logo on his right pectoral resembles the Robin logo, but is a red crescent. As he tries to find a way out, Tim finds Batman but discovers this version of Batman is actually Tim Drake from the Titans Tomorrow future.

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