Although there are more than 150 undergraduate majors and minors at UC Berkeley, the program you are looking for does not exist (yet). UC Berkeley has over 350-degree programs in 130 academic departments and 80 interdisciplinary research units. UCB offers a number of Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate – professional practice, and Doctorate – research/ scholarship. Campuses & majors; UC Berkeley; UC Berkeley. Submit Search. Explore the many intellectual paths you can take at Berkeley. When you print this page, you are actually printing everything within the tabs on the page you are on: this may include all the Related Courses and Faculty, in addition to the Requirements or Overview. 19 Pulitzer Prizes. The atmosphere. *Majors marked with an asterisk are only available to freshmen. Toggle navigation. Rausser College's undergraduate academic programs teach students how to ensure economic and ecological sustainability for future generations. If you need to reach us, please submit an inquiry online by going to Contact Us. The most popular majors at University of … Copyright © 2020-21, UC Regents; all rights reserved. The College of Chemistry offers fundamental knowledge of all fields of chemistry. The College of Environmental Design undergraduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban studies combine general education with a broad introduction to the environmental design professions and emphasize the value that what we build must be ethically, socially, and ecologically appropriate. ), East Asian Religion, Thought, and Culture, Languages, Literature, and Cultures in the Spanish-Speaking World, Languages, Literature, and Cultures in the Portuguese-Speaking World, Latin American Languages, Literature, and Cultures, Hispanic, Languages, Literature, and Bilingualism, Operations Research and Management Sciences, Undeclared - Mathematical and Physical Sciences*, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (M.E.T. ⚠   Notice – The latest updates on the evolving COVID-19 policies and resources for the campus community. Search Terms . 107 Nobel laureates. UC Berkeley is renowned for the rigorous academic standards of its undergraduate programs. Program is a new program for students interested in a major from both the College of Engineering and the Haas School of Business. Students will receive two degrees from two renowned institutions. Although there are more than 150 undergraduate majors and minors at UC Berkeley, the program you are looking for does not exist (yet). Copyright 2020 UC Regents. Assess Degree Progress ; Semester Schedule Planning; Create a Long-Term Program Plan; Preparing for Graduation; Transfer Credit; New Student Guide; Majors & Minors . The College includes departments of Bioengineering; Civil & Environmental Engineering; Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences; Industrial Engineering & Operations Research; Materials Science & Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Nuclear Engineering. If you just want to print information on specific tabs, you're better off downloading a PDF of the page, opening it, and then selecting the pages you really want to print. )*, Civil Engineering & Business Administration, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research & Business Administration, Materials Science and Engineering & Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering & Business Administration, Undeclared Engineering & Business Administration, Environmental Sciences (biological, physical, social). There are lecture courses in the general areas of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, plus many more specialized courses including analytical, nuclear, and biophysical chemistry and chemical biology. The Rausser College of Natural Resources addresses biological, social, and economic challenges associated with protecting natural resources and the environment. For more information on majors, minors, and other special programs go to our interactive Berkeley Academic Guide. 207 Olympic medals. Students who earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the Haas School of Business Undergraduate Program (link is external)(link is external) possess the knowledge and technical skills necessary to understand the modern business world, to achieve the highest levels of success in their professional careers, and to prepare for subsequent graduate work. Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art and Archaeology, Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Civilizations, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, Bioengineering and Business Administration, Bioengineering/Materials Science and Engineering Joint Major, Chemical Engineering / Materials Science & Engineering Joint Major, Chemical Engineering / Nuclear Engineering Joint Major, Civil Engineering and Business Administration, EECS / Materials Science & Engineering Joint Major, East European/Eurasian Languages and/or Cultures, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS), Environmental Design & Urbanism in Developing Countries, Geospatial Information Science and Technology, Hispanic Languages, Linguistics, and Bilingualism, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research & Business Administration, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies, Materials Science & Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Joint Major, Materials Science & Engineering / Nuclear Engineering Joint Major, Materials Science & Engineering and Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering & Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering / Nuclear Engineering, Nutritional Sciences: Physiology & Metabolism, Portuguese Language, Literatures, & Cultures, Social & Cultural Factors in Environmental Design, Spanish Languages, Literatures, & Cultures, Berkeley Berkeley Academic Guide: Academic Guide 2020-21.

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