I love how you mix the vanilla and chocolate flavors, and that's neat how you and Cayden have come together more and more on how you eat; who wouldn't love the idea of vegan eating with the delicious things you bake and make? ★☆ Read our full disclosure here. This Chocolate Crepe Cake is sure to stand out at any party! I’ve created more than 20 healthy meals, snacks and desserts for no more than $3 per serving. Discover (and save!) Heat a nonstick medium skillet over low-medium heat. Eat some cake. Thank you for supporting this blog that I love oh-so-much so I can bring you delicious recipes! ★☆ Step 2 In a separate bowl combine the flour, cacao powder and salt. This dessert is a showstopper! As much as I’d like to take credit for these incredible vegan crepes, I can’t. Vegan Banana Cake with a Chocolate Ganache, 2 cups raw or roasted hazelnuts + small handful for the top (optional). I wanted to create a healthier (and vegan) version of it, so it’s a pretty simple and easy filling to make. It brings back some fond memories of my childhood. Would love for you to leave a comment and rating below. Place a crepe on a plate, spread the nutella and place another crepe. That’s the kind of treat you want to dig in to! You da best. I’d say that’s a pretty good birthday present, right?! Uhmmmm yes I say crepe cakes for breakfast is an EPIC idea I'm coming up there for your b-day!! Isn't it just the prettiest dessert?! Heat a tablespoon of oil in a frying pan that’s approximately 30cm wide on medium heat. Let it cook for around 2.5 minutes (this will depend on the heat of your stove) and when the edges of the crepe have slightly lifted flip it over using a spatula. Using a normal tablespoon, get some of the sauce and spread evenly over each crepe. It will be between a hazelnut meal and nut butter. I’m a blogger and future dietitian with a passion for sharing plant-based recipes and sustainable living tips. He definitely had a good day! ok holy shieeeet. He’s seen me go vegan, start a blog, get featured in my first Buzzfeed article, grow the blog, win Miss LSU-USA, struggle with disordered eating and make lots & lots of plants. Required fields are marked *. ** I use this one, but you can use any egg replacer, just make sure that it equals around three eggs. Swirl into a nice and evenly round shape, then cook for 1-2 minutes or until bubbles are popping through the batter, the top is drying slightly and the underside is lightly golden, then flip and cook for a further 30 seconds to a minute on the other side. It also comes in chocolate, if you wanted to make a double chocolate crepe cake (OMG). Obsessed! Tag @theminimalistvegan on Instagram and follow us to see the latest! This vegan chocolate crepe cake recipe is decadent, delicious, and good for special occasions or this weekend. You can always halve the ingredients to make a generous amount of crepes for Sunday morning breakfast. ★☆. You could also eat it with a velvety chocolate ganache if you want something a little thicker. These Vegan Chocolate Crepes are absolutely to die for! Wait a few minutes for the pan to heat up well. Add flax meal mixture, non-dairy milk and vanilla. Thanks for supporting my blog! It’s made with only a handful of recognizable ingredients with half the sugar of other frostings. In a small bowl, add chocolate chips. To make the crepes, combine the flour, egg replacer, salt and milk in a large bowl. Being a part of a community? I’m a vanilla girl, but there’s always time for chocolate. *swoon* hope your fella had a wonderful bday! Rate this recipe Growing up, I had them most weeks with jam, Nutella or fruit. In a food processor, add in the hazelnuts and process until the hazelnuts start to bind. Whisk until the batter is smooth. :), Emily! I see that the crepes are a beautiful brown but I don't see cocoa powder or any other chocolate ingredient in the batter. I love working with brands whose products I really love and would honestly recommend. Crepes are a breakfast or dessert staple in the part of Europe that I come from. I have loved working with Simple Mills to bring you guys delicious recipes like gluten-free peach cake and the graham crackers of your childhood, so I’m really excited to help them celebrate this awesome milestone. Happy weekending! Do you like plant-based recipes? I LOVE crepes. Gluten-free Chocolate Crêpe Cake. No birthday party is complete without cake. To make your own oat flour, simply blend rolled oats in a blender or food processor until a flour forms. Looks FANTASTIC! Drunken noodles (or pad kee mao), gimme a good reason why baked ziti isn't holiday f, these day I’m living for hot tea, admiring my pl, if you’re on-the-go a lot like me (hello, dietet, learn to make a 30-min version of an authentic Caj, Optional toppings: fruit, walnuts, dark chocolate chips. Today we’re celebrating not one but two birthdays for some very special people, so cake was necessary. And it’s really cool. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Is the drizzle the only chocolate? This will create a glue for the crepe mixture. Set aside. Set aside for 10 minutes. Happy birthday, babe! your own Pins on Pinterest When I do that, I usually use a good all-purpose gluten-free flour. Awww happy birthday to Cayden!! Little did I know that there are many substitutes for eggs and dairy milk. Cayden has been with me through a lot over the last year. Add in the water around a cup at a time and whisk in between. Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. I love Simple Mills, too! all of the layers are so beautiful & that chocolate drizzle? ok, emilie, i am literally droooooooooling over this cake! If you want to go that extra mile, tag us on Instagram, or share your photo of the recipe on Pinterest. This post was sponsored by Simple Mills. Continue layering and add some of the sauce on the top crepe and sprinkle with some crushed hazelnuts. Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated automatically. Mile high chocolatey goodness! FOR THE FILLING: In a small bowl, add flax meal and 5 tablespoons water. https://peanutbutterpluschocolate.com/chocolate-vegan-crepe-cake ★☆ Thanks to Simple Mills for sponsoring this post! Stir to combine. … This cake is EPIC! I promise you won’t be disappointed. It's corrected now. These Vegan Drunken Noodles are done in 30 minutes and packed with umami flavor. Repeat with all … Combine and mix the chia mixture, milk and apple sauce. The crepes are actually healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast if you reduce the sugar, so I’ll definitely be trying that soon! What you’ll need: FOR THE CREPES: 2 cups chickpea flour. The accuracy of this information is not guaranteed. We all love a good chocolate chip cookie or a fudgy brownie, but we all know the one dessert that is essential to a celebration: CAKE. wow you've outdone yourself with this one!! Thank you so much for pointing that out!! Ingredients:1 1/2 cups all purpose flour2 flax "eggs" ( 2 Tbsp ground flaxseed + 5 Tbsp warm water)1/2 cup sugar1/4 cup cocoa powder1/2 tsp baking powder1/8 ts https://www.emilieeats.com/vegan-gluten-free-chocolate-crepe-cake Pour about 1/4 cup of the batter onto the pan; swirl the pan around to form the batter into a thin crepe. Whatever you prefer! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can also use a vegan Nutella that can be bought in a jar such as vego spread or rawtella. Drizzle over the crepe cake. Slowly turning the world vegan, one man at a time. They are whole grain, made with spelt flour, are oil-free, dairy-free, egg-less, nut-free and just 8 ingredients! If you want the sauce to be runnier, you can add some more soy milk to it. * His favorite foods are pizza and anything chocolate, so we checked out a new pizza place (no cheese, all veg for me) and then he devoured this crepe cake. This chocolate crepe cake may look difficult, but I swear it’s not: With the holidays quickly approaching, there will be plenty of opportunity for fancy desserts, so try this chocolate crepe cake out!

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