Each school strives to be unique, which means no two are ever truly alike. Platt College offers two academic options for students seeking entry into the veterinary tech profession. The goal with this course is not only to be able to identify diseases but also understand appropriate treatments and preventive measures to avoid the spread of communicable illnesses. Candidates must graduate from veterinary technician schools accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam to be licensed. This course introduces students to the safety and regulatory laws and best practices that impact veterinary technologists in medical and scientific settings. WhereTechsConnect.com: This jobs board lists employment opportunities for vet techs across the country. The degree requires approximately 121 credits of coursework overall. Independent veterinary technician schools are incredibly rare: vocational schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges account for almost all programs in the United States. Veterinary technicians could almost be described as the nurses of the animal world. These programs may nonetheless appeal to technicians looking for a competitive edge or considering more advanced careers in the field. Many community colleges offer veterinary technician certificates and associate degrees. Whatever students’ goals, community colleges offer much of the same veterinary technician training as career colleges, but with a public school price tag. The second common path to specialization is professional certification. Their curriculum is intended to prepare students to provide both routine care as well as work in high-stress, emergency situations. Key differences: Many veterinary technician schools teach students how care for and treat a wide breadth of animals in an even wider breadth of medical disciplines. The degree takes approximately 2 years to complete and is available to students that have graduated from an AVMA accredited veterinary technician program. Each of the 4 emphasis areas can be completed in approximately 4 years and requires completion of about 130 undergraduate credits. With an online vet tech program, you have more control over how and when you gain clinical experience. Stricter state licensing standards have made veterinary technician certificates and diplomas virtually extinct. Additional courses in areas like lab animal science and clinical procedures can also help students qualify for careers as licensed veterinary technologists. percent job growth from 2016-2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Future students should consider internship components and related services when comparing schools. Plus, our online courses allow you to earn your associate degree and prepare for the VTNE exam at home or on the go, and study on your schedule. Four-year bachelor’s degrees are rare, but generally cater to future veterinary technologists in clinical laboratories. There are several state and national accrediting agencies, but AVMA is by far the most widely recognized organization. "List of Veterinary Tech Schools, Colleges and Universities." What should savvy researchers look for when weighing their options? LPN/LVN (Practical Nursing) Programs Near Me, Veterinary Technician Schools Must-Have Checklist, Veterinary Technician Degrees and Certificates. Get a detailed look at today’s best online vet tech schools, read how they work, view degree options, and learn what you’ll need to start making a difference working with animals. At this level, 75 to 80 credit hours is typically the norm, which equates to approximately two years of full-time study. choice may depend largely on where you see your career going in the long run. The first thing many new veterinary technician school graduates do is become licensed. Students will not only gain the skills needed to work in private clinical practices, but they will also be prepared to work with laboratory animals in research facilities. Vet techs can be certified in several different areas; for example, anesthesia, critical care, zoological medicine, and equine nursing. degree program, you may need to first complete some general education classes. In this class, students learn about proper administration and potential side effects of veterinary drugs. This state exam isn’t focused on clinical skills but rather an applicant’s knowledge of state laws. Veterinary technician schools offer a wide range of credentials. Internships offer precisely this type of clinical training. The bond you develop with coworkers in a high-pressure environment and the fact that [you can] work three 13s (three 13-hour shifts) and get the rest of the week off. Brita Fordice did not get her start as a veterinary technician. 1 Our Best Vocational Programs rankings included data for both online and campus programs. Earning the degree requires completion of 76-80 credit hours of general education and major-specific coursework that can be completed in two years (six semesters, including summers) of full-time study. Then, check out EduMed’s dedicated resources guide for vet tech students and the pages below for additional information, networking opportunities, and support. Vet tech schools with partially online programs often allow students to complete academic classes and general education requirements through distance education courses while traveling to campus for clinical requirements. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University-College Station provides a dynamic animal science degree for students interested in preparing for careers in a wide variety of areas in the animal industry. Students must successfully complete at least 200 hours of externship and a campus-based seminar to graduate. Using data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), EduMed.org has put together a list of schools with online vet tech programs that have the best combinations of affordability, student support, online learning, and academic excellence.

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