For example, most oven style air fryers have a rotisserie option, where you can easily cook a whole chicken. Puck said air fryers are also great for baking desserts. Want the crispiest bacon possible? As veggies' outsides get crunchy and caramelized, their interiors become perfectly tender. Hand-pump oil sprayers are available at grocery stores and online. Instead, spray your food on a rack or plate before you place it in the basket. And for proteins with uneven thickness, such as pork tenderloins or fish fillets, fold the thinner "tails" underneath to create a more uniform size and ensure even cooking, he said. You can use your air fryer as a mini convection oven to make quick and easy dinners like chicken breasts or pork chops, cook small roasts, or reheat your leftovers, said Kenzie Swanhart, culinary director at Ninja, cookbook author, and food blogger. "A lot of folks think that because air fryers are a healthier way to fry food, they don't need to use any oil," Swanhart said. He said vegetables will get more browned if you toss them halfway through cooking them. Do use your air fryer instead of the microwave. "Since it functions as a convection oven by rotating hot air around the basket, you want to give room for each ingredient to have this air hit it on all sides," Puck told Insider. Although the method of cooking is the same between the oven and basket style of air fryers, the way this is delivered can be slightly different. To add oil or cooking spray to … Don't spray nonstick spray directly in the cooking the basket. Even though the fan in an air fryer circulates heat around the food, the bulk of the heat is still coming from the top. Cooking a whole chicken in a basket style air fryer is possible, but much more tricky. You'll want to periodically move your vegetables around when cooking them in an air fryer, Zuccarello told Insider. Don't cook foods that need to absorb lots of liquid. Why can't you cook grains in an air fryer pan insert? The super-fast-flowing air that cooks your French fries also gives doughs an extra boost of leavening. Whether you cut them into cubes (like butternut squash, potatoes, zucchini) or leave them whole (like okra, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms), an air fryer hits vegetables on all sides with high heat during cooking, something a baking sheet impedes in the oven. Plus, it does it super fast. He said putting too much food in the basket could have a negative impact on the quality of your finished dish because some of the items in the basket could end up becoming soggy instead of crispy. "A dry surface browns more quickly than a wet one, since moisture on the surface will steam, so [you'll want to pat] meats and some vegetables with paper towels before cooking," he said. For leftovers, place the food in one of the air fryer inserts and set the machine at 350 degrees F for 5 minutes as a starting point. Worth checking out: the pan inserts for cakes, banana bread and foods with sticky glazes, metal skewers for "spit roasting" chunks of meat kebabs and breakfast sausages, and elevated racks, which allow you to cook a full meal at once (meat on the bottom and veggies on top). © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. ", I tried 5 popular air-fryer recipes and ranked them from worst to best, Chefs share 16 of the best foods to make in an air fryer, 10 of the best air fryer tips and tricks to follow, according to chefs, 7 things you should cook in an air fryer and 7 things you shouldn't. 10-Minute Tricks for Easy Weeknight Meal Planning, How to Make Iced Coffee: A Step-by-Step Guide, Jar Hacks: 8 Things to Make with an Almost-Empty Jar, 9 Best Air Fryers, Tested by Food Network Kitchen, Instant Pot's Air Fryer Is on the Biggest Sale We've Seen This Year, We Put Instant Pot's New Air Fryer Lid to the Test, We Tried Instant Pot's New Air Fryer — and Here's What We Think, Instant Pot's New Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer Is Currently On Sale at Kohl's. You're not using your air fryer for baking. Rice, pasta and other grains are sublime when tossed with a little oil and crisped up in the air fryer — but they must be cooked on a stovetop or rice cooker first. But before you jump in head first, start with this essential guide to ensure success. By Ben Mims, author of Air Fry Every Day, for Food Network Kitchen. Beer batter on fried fish cooks up to a crispy shell when you fry in oil. since. It can also heat up and even cook a wide variety of foods. "If you are looking to make a beautiful homemade dessert, the air fryer is perfect for baking doughnuts, casseroles, and even cakes," Puck told Insider. Using a bowl also makes it easier for you to add seasonings to your dish part-way through cooking, he added. So be mindful about placing foods too close to the coil and be sure to flip or rotate them occasionally to prevent, say, one side of a pork chop or a block of glazed tofu from overbrowning or drying out. "I always recommend using about a tablespoon of oil [to] evenly coating your food before air frying [it]. Instead, packing a basket can cause cold spots where the air can't reach. We like to use this model in Food Network Kitchen and you'll also see this smaller one in the following photos. But to achieve perfectly browned fries or crispy chicken wings, you'll want to know how to properly use your air fryer. But in an air fryer there is nothing to set a wet batter — it will just drip off while the food cooks. iStock / Getty Images Plus / LauriPatterson. If you don’t have a rotating basket with your fryer, you can flip the potatoes by hand about halfway through the cook time for even browning. Virtually any dish you're about to nuke in the microwave will be better in an air fryer. Leafy Greens – Leafy greens, such as curly kale, also fall short in the air fryer because of the high-speed hot air. Crispy Air Fryer Bacon. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Cooking without any oil may sound appealing but fat is what promotes browning and can help food crisp up and just adding a small amount of oil to food can greatly improve your results, Zuccarello told Insider. Air fryers are taking the world by storm because their high-heat engines are good for cooking so many kinds of foods — many of which you'd never even consider frying in the first place. It's essential that you clean your air fryer, especially if you use it frequently. While most people like air fryers for their ability to cook up crispy fried foods with no oil, the color and taste of your dinner will be dramatically improved with just a little. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? If you're after crunch, dredge your food in flour, egg and breadcrumbs instead. Subscriber Although you don't need oil to use an air fryer, you shouldn't be afraid to use a bit to coat certain foods, as it can help make them crispier. The chemicals in many nonstick sprays can reduce the effectiveness of the nonstick coating already on the basket. Before using your air fryer to make desserts, just be sure that the appliance is as clean as possible so that you don't impart any unwanted savory flavors into your sweets, Puck added. Here are some common mistakes you could be making when using your air fryer: Though it's tempting to place all of your ingredients in the air fryer at once in hopes of quickly reheating or cooking your food, you really want to avoid overfilling the air-fryer basket, said Byron Puck, chef at Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group. This will allow your food to cook evenly at the correct temperature. Hands down, the best foods to cook in your air fryer are vegetables. Let your air fryer do all the work for you … "If … The fat in the oil will promote even browning and help seasonings stick to the food. Like what you see here? All rights reserved. Sure you can make fries or coconut shrimp, but you can also use this handy machine to whip up a perfect fish dinner, crisp up grains and even make dessert!

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