0 0. Relevance. At equilibrium, the molarity of H3O+ in a 0.033 M solution of HCIO is x = 3.1 x 10^-5 When the hydroxide ion reacts with another water molecule, a hydrogen ion may be transferred, resulting in a water molecule and a hydroxide ion. What is the conjugate acid of the hydroxide ion? 25)The acid-dissociation constants of phosphoric acid (H3PO4) are Ka1 = 7.5 × 10-3, Ka2 = 6.2 × 10-8, and Ka3 = 4.2 × 10-13 at 25.0 °C. REACTANT SIDE. The CONJUGATE means on the opposite side of the chemical reaction. sluggermatt15. 6 years ago. Where is OH- now? H2O is a base and H3O+ is its conjugate acid. H2SO4. ... What is the concentration of the hydroxide ion given that the concentration of the hydronium ion is Get your answers by asking now. A neutralization reaction between an acid and sodium hydroxide formed water and the salt named sodium sulfate. It is on the PRODUCT side because the question asks for the conjugate acid. Hence the conjugate acid of oxide ion (O2-) is Hydroxide ion (OH-) O[math]^2- [/math] + H[math]^+[/math] → OH[math]^-[/math] What is the conjugate acid of a hydroxide ion? What is the molar concentration of phosphate ion in a 2.5 M Removing one H+ gives you its conjugate base. The extent to which a base forms hydroxide ion in aqueous solution depends on the strength of the base relative to that of the hydroxide ion, as shown in the last column in Figure \(\PageIndex{3}\). Adding one H+ to anything gives you its conjugate acid. What is the value of the equilibrium constant for the autoionization of water at 25°C? ... hydrogen gas. A strong base, such as one of those lying below hydroxide ion, accepts protons from water to yield 100% of the conjugate acid and hydroxide ion. Lv 6. The answer is water, H2O. A. H3O+ B. OH- C. H3O D. OH E. H2O. Answer Save. Still have questions? 1 Answer. What was the formula of the acid that was neutralized? OH- is called base because it is a proton acceptor. Source(s): Chemistry. To determine the conjugate acid of OH^-, add a proton, H^+, to OH^- which yields H2O. The conjugate base for H2O is the hydroxide ion, OH-. The acid-dissociation constant at 25 C of hypochlorous acid (HCIO) is 3.0 x 10^-8.

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