Anyway, I’m relieved I’m not the only one who thinks the “professional grade” line is not entirely accurate. Thanks a lot for such great options! For the most part, they rewet pretty well. That of course, is how they get the lovely pastel colors. by Kratika Agarwal ~ Doodlewash®. The other part was my inner art supply snob- I told her to shut it. Maniella, I just wrote a response to someone else’s question that was similar to yours, it was a little more in-depth and with a couple of links, if you want to take a look. I love Lindsay’s reviews and helpful videos! Just when I think I’m ‘finished’ shopping for watercolor goodies….I see your reviews or Lindsey’s or Cheap Joe’s has a great sale ;o). Though I’ve seen beautiful art made with these paints, they are not what they are marketed to be. I have loathed the prima sets but read your article on others being better but I just don’t know what ones they are. Also used some matchy matchy Gelly Roll pen colors. This is my first Prima Marketing: Watercolor Confections set, and I am looking to buy another one! I am not a professional artist..but I do have many Daniel Smith’s Winsor-Newtons and M Grahams..the Kuterake Gansai Tambi set also..and the Koi. I looked at the Prima Watercolor Confections sets so many times and told myself no. My bet is that these make mud quick if mixed on the palette. There is something about pastel colored paints that draws me in, it’s usually the pinks that get me. Less annoying than the pthlalo blues, and it blends nicely with the ink I use. Thanks Sharon. . Happy painting . This said, I do underscore your reminder that beginners need to purchase the very best supplies they can afford. I’m not sure how their’s correlates to standard lightfast ratings, if at all. !…informative review! Haha. The first four pans in the Decadent Pies set have a subtle shimmer/iridescence to them. I typically don’t mix for colors, and let them do what they want on the page. Thanks so much for your comment! And that included shipping! If you are a fine watercolor connoisseur, or want something for professional pieces, you might want to skip these. I bought them for the inexpensive tins, removed all the paints and am letting local kids play with the paints. It will give you things to compare and figure out what you like and often Prima sets can be found for inexpensive. If you could buy a nice good sized set of any brand of watercolor paints, I like the half pan sized, what brand/color set would you get? If I had to pick between the two, I would buy the Cotman. These are distributed by Prima Marketing, an arts and crafts supply company based out of Chino, CA. I love your Instagram by the way ❤️. I’m looking for some student grade watercolors. After years now of asking Prima what the pigment compositions of their Watercolor Confections watercolours are, they have provided them for me and I thought I would share them and my thoughts. I have basic beginner sets. They'll have you waxing romantic and dreaming of spring all year long as you design and craft layouts and cards AROUND them. So it’s a pretty mixable set. I’m curious what you end up with! Enter your email address to get notifications of new blog posts by email. Thanks Sandra If you get these, I hope you enjoy the heck outa them! I’ll definitely try some of them! Most likely, you already have. All five sets, sounds like a lot of fun! You said you like half pans, so here are suggestions for those- Da Vinci (buy from their website) or Sennelier. Details Here. These paints make me hungry for sweets! It would probably last you for years. Awesome! But I did one sky that looked like a clown puked it up…I didn’t share that one. There might have been price changes since I wrote it. I hope this helps and doesn’t add to decision anxiety. I love the approach that Prima takes, it’s fresh and different, and will work for many artists. (You and Charlie should go into the word-coinage business). I recommend any of these over Prima. Love the palettes . So I have been picking up M. Graham tubes and replacing colors a bit at a time. Since I tend to do a lot with ink and wash and a carbon ink, I’ve also subbed in lamp black to use as a deep blue. According to their chart, all but three paints- #34 Pistachio, #25 Frosting and #2 Candy, have Excellent lightfastness. I love to see, and support others opening up to, and embracing their creative process with any medium or creative expression. The professional grade paints provide bright, intense, smooth and long lasting colors that … That’s awesome Monique. I’ve read some comments that the pans are loose in the rails and pop out easily. I’ve heard the W&N are more transparent and lightfast, but the Primas are more vibrant. Any artist quality set, affordable ones are usually White Nights, Sennelier, Da Vinci. The wonderfull when “jujjed” up w/ water. I had the opportunity to try these in a class. I have a feeling that I might get The Tropicals as a Christmas gift. Hi Clair, you are not the only one! The fourth pan #28 Rose Petal, is very delicate color and didn’t rewet as easily as the other pans. Here is another option for doing that, and more palette ideas here and here. Hi Jessica! I recently acquired a new iridescent/duochrome from DS, the Cabo Blue. offers sale prices on many Prima products so you can save bunches! What set do you recommend? You would probably need a mixing area. Another brand to check out is Sennelier. She’s so friendly and inclusive of a lot of different mediums, crafts, and techniques. It’s tough to glaze with them. And I love Moonglow and Undersea Green, and never mix them myself, so why are they hidden in a drawer? Thank you for another really….REALLY!! Great funfessional review! I bought the Tropicals set, mostly for the paint box. Hehehe, Charlie definitely has a way with words! They have a 24 half pan student grade set for $30 on Amazon- Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor Paint Set. will wait on Pastel Dreams… Over 700 Free Reference Photos For Artists & Writers, DOODLEWASH REVIEW: Portable Painter Travel Palette, Brusho Crystal Colours Review by Sandra Strait, Doodlewash® ~ GUEST ARTIST: "Carrying On The Family Tradition" by Sophia Czarkowski,,,, GUEST ARTIST: "Collecting Memories" by Dominik Neuffer ~ Doodlewash®, GUEST ARTIST: "How Art Helped Me to Survive!"

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