Question: What is the conjugate acid of HS-? So look at the formula find two things that differ by an H, the one that has more H's is the acid, the one that has less is its conjugate base. c. H2S acid, conj base is HS, NH3 base conj acid NH4. 8 years ago. This means that you can find the conjugate base of a Bronsted-Lowry acid by removing a proton from it. In your case, the hydrogen sulfate anion can act as a Bronsted-Lowry acid and donate a proton to form the sulfate anion, #"SO"_4^(2-)#. The hydrogen sulfide ion is amphoteric, meaning it can act as an acid or as a base under different conditions. HS^- is the acid and S^2- is its conjugate base. d. H2PO4 base conj acid is H3PO4, for water look at b. Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Which of the following species is the conjugate acid of ammonia (NH3)? We’re being asked to determine the conjugate base of HS –.. Recall that the conjugate base of an acid is simply the compound formed when an acid loses a hydronium ion (H +).It's considered as a base because it can gain H + to reform the acid. According to Bronsted-Lowry model, acid is defined as a proton donor and base as a proton acceptor. Concept Introduction: The conjugate acid − base pair concept arises from the Bronsted −Lowry definition for acid and base. Similarly, conjugate bases are chemical species that are formed when a Bronsted-Lowry acid donates one proton. The conjugate base of an acid is the species we get from from deprotonating it (the conjugate base is usually an anion). For the reverse reaction, CO3^2- is the base and HCO3^- is its conjugate acid and. Pairs in which the species listed first is the conjugate base of the species listed second should be chosen. Acid is a proton DONOR. H2O acid ( donates H^+) HS^- base (accepts H^+) For reverse reaction . 0 0. After removing a H+ ion, the hydrogen sulfide is left with a single sulfur atom. OH^- conjugate base (accepts H^+) H2S cojugate acid (donates H^+0 S^2- is the base and HS^- is its conjugate acid. The formula of the conjugate base of HS- is S^2-. Acids and Bases: Acids and bases are chemicals that depend on either the donation of hydrogen atoms or the acceptance of electrons. Lucas C. Lv 7.

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